Oma’s Blues Wave Charms

Immediately, once I had selected my theme for the OB charms (things I love about living in the Pacific Northwest, US), I knew I needed to do a quartet of wave charms. I used the wave template from Esther’s Red Delicious pattern, reducing it 60% to get the right size for the little charm blocks. One of my fabrics is an ombre blue Stonehenge, providing a range of blue for the waves and sky. And, of course, my fussy cut fishes.

Two of the charms, are daytime waves and two are sunset waves. Living on the US west coast, we get fabulous sunsets of the water and I wanted to share that beauty with everyone that sees this project.

The daytime charms.

The inspiration! About 5 minutes from home. This is the Tacoma Narrows bridge.
You can always get fresh fish!
The fish are zig zagged with a small stitch (.9 x .75) in MonoPoly, so they appear to float.
We usually have a bit a cloud cover, so I added some soft clouds!
Fish are stitched in a small (.9 x .75) zig zag with MonoPoly so that they “float” nicely on the waves.

The sunset charms.

The inspiration! Sunset walk in the neighborhood. Because we live so close to the water, which is west of us, we get phenomenal sunsets!
The fish reflect the sunset glow.
My wave/fish quartet.

Need a theme? Think about what you love and what brings you joy. Pets? Gardening? Travel? A place? You can scavenge images from other patterns you own or search the net.

The real challenge is the size of these little charms. I had to abandon detailed images in my mind and strip my charms down to their essential elements.

I hope you have as much fun making these as I did!



  1. Just so wonderful to drop in to your site each week Lennea. It’s all ways so interesting, often funny, artistic, full of information and a wee lesson on patchwork, applique, or quilting. Thank so much for my time out with you. Cheers Glenda


  2. wonderful Lennea, it really is a challenge to choose specific detail and not just use it all! you did a stupendous job, i can almost hear the waves at sunset and taste the spray at dawn!!!


  3. Lennea, hi! you once posted about which needles you use and buying them in bulk. i know i saved the advice, but i can’t seem to find it. would you mind letting me know again…..thanks so much

    Liked by 1 person

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