The Oma’s Blues Coffee Charms

The coffee charms for Oma’s Blues were a bit of a challenge as the others relate to nature and the natural world. “Coffee” as a theme may seem a bit of an outlier. But it really is a central part of our Pacific Northwest life. Starbucks originated here and spread the coffee house experience through much of the US. We have coffee shops in abundance; coffee shops on corners and coffee shops that cover half a city block. Tiny shops and expansive shops; shops in the middle of our grocery stores and bookstores.

Regional brands like Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Tully’s, Peet’s, Olympic Coffee, Fidalgo Bay, and my favorite Dancing Goats are on offer. Organic beans, single origin beans, specialty blends and flavored beans are commonly found in a full aisle of coffee and related related products in our grocery stores.

My neighborhood coffee shop.

My maternal grandmother used to make us “coffee milk” when were small children, combining about 1/3 coffee to 2/3 milk with a bit of sugar. By the age of 14, I was a daily coffee drinker. Once I moved to western Washington in the late 80’s, I naturally became part of the artisan coffee movement. When I travel by car, I always take a small coffee grinder with me, filters and a pour over dripper. If I travel by air, I grind a supply and bring my own filters to assure a satisfactory coffee experience in the hotel or host home. And yes, I will bring fresh beans as a hostess guest (or fresh ground to work with your coffee maker type).

In our homes, we have coffee grinders (mine is a Cuisinart) with lots of settings from very fine espresso grind to quite coarse grind (more settings than the grocery machines!). I order my beans every other week and grind them daily at home on medium/coarse setting for my pour over coffee. I also have a little frother for making lattes and breves at home. Yes, we are coffee obsessives in the Pacific Northwest!

Am I wandering off topic? Oops!

For the charms, I started with a mug. We rarely drink dainty little cups of coffee here, preferring 12 oz (or larger!) as an appropriate size and that means a mug.

Coffee block #1 – This is my mug! Why not showcase my actual daily coffee mug? It is a 16 oz handmade stoneware mug in my favorite colors, which means it coordinates perfectly with the OB center. LOL. I used a bit of the Battenberg to reference the Battenberg in my center border.

My daily mug! Coffee grindter and electric kettle in the background.
Why, yes, I like a nice generous splosh of full cream in my coffee! A deco stitch was used to make the “steam”.

Coffee block #2 – This is a generic mug in coordinating colors. Beneath the mug is a piece of vintage lace that a dear friend gave me 20 yrs ago for a project. She is no longer here, but I will think of her each time I look at this wall hanging.

Coffee block #3 – Takeaway or to-go cup. I rarely get a takeaway cup, but when traveling it is sometimes necessary.

The quintessential “to go” cup.

Coffee block #4 – I liked cup #2 enough to repeat it in a teal.

The lace on this one is the last bit from my daughter’s wedding dress.
Stitching little coffee cups around my applique cup. A deco stitch was also used for the “steam”.
Where do I get my little flourishes? From the deco stirch library in my Beenina 480 SE. lots of cute little goodies to use in my applique. And I can use my 9mm foot or my 5mm foot to get different sizes. I used the 9mm foot for the cups.

I had a few circles left over and a to go motif and made couple of mug rugs. Leftover binding strips larger than 12″ are stored in the sewing studio ready for quick projects like this. Mug rugs are great because when you are reading and place your mug on it without taking your eyes off the page, it can’t tip over a hard coaster edge!

I experimented with this blue circle and went with the other color. But now I have a pretty circle motif mug rug!
My local coffee shop name stitched on this one!

I hope everyone making Oma’s Blues is having as much fun with these charm blocks as I am!



  1. Love it All as my day starts with a a coffee that first mouth full is bliss. Great wee coffee rugs, and yes my mug won’t topple when I do the same when reading my messages on my iPadLOL.

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