A Bit of This and That

Another week of odds and ends…

First up is a tote bag that I promised a friend. She didn’t find what she wanted at my bazaar sale, so I put together a custom traveling tote for her. It has a strap on one side that loops over your carry on luggage handles for more easily making it through the airport. She loves purple and the interior is a purple batik.

Luggage strap

The EQ8 designed Log Cabin Carpenter Square got laid out and I will work on sewing the 64 squares together this week. I am leaving it laid  out on my basement floor as I work though joining the squares to keep the squares in order. (I hope!)

 My Lily Rose Blue progressed a bit. I added a new section and all are secured with blanket stitching. I hope to make some progress on this during the next week as well.

Most exciting, my grand daughter brought her Featherweight over. This machine belonged to my mother who bought it new in 1952 and sewed our clothes, costumes, her fancy dresses and then quilts with it. It now belongs to my 12 year old grand daughter. She loves that she can carry it herself and set it up when she comes to visit.

This visit, we changed out the old light bulb, which got extraordinarily hot, with a new cool LED bulb. She also practiced bobbin winding, needle changing and bobbin race oiling. Her mom doesn’t sew and no one at home can help her with any sewing issues, so she needs to be quit self sufficient with her machine.

I taught her to make my zip bag, which has no pattern. Although I sell and gift these as pipe bags, they have many uses including medication, make up, pencils and pens, and for storing cell phone and tablet cords and earphones. I had a 36″ x 9″ length of metallic flecked cork fabric on hand and we cut that to 7.5″ lengths for her zip bags.

She picked up how to attach the zip pull to the zipper so quickly it made my head spin! She finished two bags, with Gram providing only instructions at each step. I sent her home with materials for several more.

Happy holidays to those who celebrate during this time of the year and happy quilting.




  1. Hi Lennea! I am so interested in your tote for your friend. I can’t quite imagine it hanging off a suitcase, but it sure sounds like a fabulous idea. I think I need one of those myself. I am also so impressed with your granddaughter. Very cool and very good for her on picking up how to make those bags so quickly. Hopefully, you’ll have someone to help you use up your stash and maybe even help you to grow it in a good way. Sounds like fabulous fun. ~smile~ Roseanne


    1. Hi Roseanne. I should have posted a photo on the suitcase, but its been a hectic week and I didn’t feel like digging one out. 😝 So here is a photo of a similar bag.

      So excited my grand daughter is sewing as none of my 4 daughters (or son) sew.

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  2. Great projects I hope to see them when I come on next lol……..
    Great time with a very gelled up granddaughter. Can’t wait to see every thing progressing xxx

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