Lily Rose Blue

Lily Rose #3 will be starting. Yes, I know I have made two, but I am still intrigued by the Lily Rose (LR) pattern by Esther Aliu. I have the Klimt LR and the Japanese Imperial LR, but I need to do more. Those two used intensely colored fabrics with metallics and are appliqued in metallic threads. This one will be very different.

Picasso had his blue period, and this will be LR Blue. I grabbed a charm pack of blues on a Missouri Star Quilts deal of the day. They are not my usual style. The colors are more muted and they have a vintage look, but they intrigued me and hey, they were half price! Charm packs are great for the 75% size LR, which is the size I will use for this version.

There are a couple lengths of Moda Grunge in the blue/teal range in my stash closet. I  audition the charm pack colors against them for a background. I loved the grunge as a background for my Wrapt in Love project and look forward to using it again.

I liked both of these, but then I came across #3! And the winner is this grunge that has the feel of old wall paper! Love this one.

Well here I am a week later and while I got LR started, I have had out of town company and a day of jury duty, so got slowed down a bit.

Loving the blue! Using Superior Threads Twist in navy for all the stitching. I think! I made a start on the stitching.






Oh yes, and I also had a last minute request from my SIL for something with cardinals, so I threw this together. No fancy piecing on this one! Lol.

Quilted it up on my Tiara, and it goes in the mail tomorrow.

Happy sewing everyone!



  1. Your blue LR Is going to be so so lovely in those muted blues Lennea. Love the quilting on the Cardinal quilt, I must remember to tell you what I want so you can throw one together for me too. LLLLOL I’d still be making it next year Lennea. I hope by next week we see more of LR CHeers Glenda

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  2. Hi Leena! Oh, I love Esther and these third project is a lovely one. Those fabrics! They look so pretty on that Grunge background – I enjoy using them as well. So versatile. Your cardinal project may have been quick but it certainly is pretty. ~smile~ Roseanne

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