Project Roundup

Some weeks are about rounding up your projects and finishing, making progress and organizing. This was such a week.

Remember the brocade jacket I was working on a couple weeks ago? Well this week I finished the facing tacking, added frog closures (frog is a funny word!) and wrapped it up. Sally is really looking forward to receiving this jacket next month!

I made a new top because who doesn’t need one? And because I couldn’t wait to dive into the yummy soft rayon. This is just so comfy. PJ’s comfy. Forget you’re wearing actual clothes comfy. Love the color and the double border print. There are no apparel fabric stores where I live, so I order online from Hawthorne Supply. Got the pattern there, too. Will make it again soon.

The hubby and I discovered a vintage, very large set of Blue Willow tableware at an antique store in a little town 30 minutes south of us several weeks ago and decided to pack up my two decades old set of stneware and pass it on to my daughter. We love our new Blue Willow plates and are having fun hunting down additional pieces. This week, we found a set of 6 Blue Willow Royal Essex bowls with the fluted edge 🤩.DDD00F97-B368-490F-A809-AE68556B7301

And finally, perhaps most importantly, I made some progress on Queen’s Garden. The main quilt top is complete, but I want to keep this astounding quilt and need it queen size for the guest room. After much thought about how to add 30” to the top, I realized that one of favorites blocks, the log cabin block, is about 15”! Close to the size of the QG applique squares, so adding a border of log cabin squares on all four sides would keep with the scale of the applique squares. I think the multi colored blocks really bring out the colors in the applique. I made a start on the 16 blocks. I am also making 4 cornerstone blocks of flower appliques.

thanks for dropping by! Lennea

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