Baby Quilt from Stash

Oops, missed a week. That one got away from me! You think when you retire, you will have lots of time, but what happens is that time runs faster and your days melt away.

I had a message from my former co-workers requesting a baby quilt for the receptionist. Flattered that they wanted my help, but now I had to squeeze a baby quilt into the growing project pile. I knew I had orphan squares and fabric from a quilt I made last summer, so scrounged and jumped right in. Completed it in 3 days. Baby quilts are lovely that way, stitching up quickly.

The pattern is Falling Triangles from Missouri Star Quilts and FMQ is swirls on the white background and feathers in the colored triangles. I have made this pattern about half dozen times and it never disappoints. I am a bit obsessed with FMQ feathers at the moment, so got a bit of feather practice in on this one.


Also completed a tote bag project. Special request from a bag customer who wanted me to sew up her own fabric. Those requests are always approached cautiously because some fabrics aren’t appropriate, but this fabric was a fine wale corduroy with sequins and it made a wonderful bag.


Also working on a Challenge project for the Machine Quilting Tutorials FB group, but the rules say we can’t share that work until the Challenge is complete, so keeping that under wraps at the moment.

Hope to get back to Queen’s Garden this coming week and also some lurking holiday projects.

Happy quilting everyone!



    1. Thank you! I struggled the first year after I got my Tiara to find a single FMQ motif that I could make decently. The swirls were the first to make sense and they have become the motif that I use the most often. They are so fun and meditative to stitch.


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