Another Week; More FMQ!

Really, how does “blog writing time” come around so soon? Let’s see…there was yard work and house work… We did a massive “spring cleaning” so that was three days of my life right there.

But I did manage to sneak in some sewing. I started quilting on my Carpenter/Log Cabin quilt for our master bedroom. To refresh your memory, here is the pattern.

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern  Log Cabin Carpenter Star  King image 0

I also put this into my EQ8 Design software to test different fabrics, which was really helpful as my husband I negotiated fabric choices.

Really love this EQ8 program!

Here it is ready to pin baste. And give me some floor exercise!

And my quilt top.

Stitch in the Ditch (SID) in monopoly around each of the 64 squares was done a while back, so I started FMQ with a feather wreath in two tones in each of the 16 wheat colored squares. Slow going as I am using two different color threads and doing one go round in the gold and then a second doing alternate components in the brown. A spider web type motif fills the center.

First FMQ wreaths.

That is it for the week! Other than more masks. As the pandemic continues, it became apparent to family members that they need more masks, especially the ones going back to work. We have a state wide mask order in place in Washington State and I am thankful that my family here is complying. Those working must wear masks at work, so working to make them as comfortable as possible through long days wearing them.

My youngest requested black or gray. Here is her new mask wardrobe.

Hoping to get more work done on the big quilt this next week. Happy stitching to all!


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  1. It does come around rather quickly these days. But you seem to achieve alot in the time. Your quilt is gorgeous and the colours are great. Yes masks seem to be on the agenda regularly these days mine to have to wear them at work or shopping and am also glad they are doing this .

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