Lily Rose Completed

Lily Rose is a lovely pattern, and goes together fairly quickly, a good project for a gift or your favorite fabric.

Time to do the lilies and stitch in some details. After stitching my metallic blanket stitch, i outlined the lilies with a dark gold cotton thread to help them stand out a bit. And then added the detail at top using a section of an embroidery stitch.

A feather stitch was used to add in some feathery fern-like detail.

Time to add the oval border. I knew up front that I did not have enough backgroup fabric to extend past the oval border. Just about 2″ short! But this allowed me to add a really nice section of Klimt gray/gold print.

The oval was stitched in a dark gold cotton thread. I decided that the heavily embossed fabric did not need a gold metallic stitching. My dark red was added for a first border. The pattern called for a 2 1/2″ border, but I liked the look of a narrower border around the gray and cut it to 1 3/4″.

At this point, I took a good look at the piece and realized I wanted to add more detail including the pattern corner detail and a rose bud on the table. the rose bud isn’t readily apparent. I like that it takes a moment to see it. It is stitched in solid Magnifico, high sheen matching thread to make it more visible.

Then the corner design…

I decided not to do the scallop detail around the inside of the oval as I felt it did not go with the formal, stylized feel of the Klimt fabric. Went I FMQ, I will add a scallop stitch in the quilting however.

The pattern calls for two borders using tiny half square triangles. I am not a fan of tiny piecing, and I had realized at the beginning of the proejct that the Klimt collection had a wonderful print of tiny squares that closely mimicked the piecing in the pattern. The finished size of Lily Rose is listed at 54″x57″ and I wanted a smaller wall hanging finished size. I decided on a mitered corner.

Lily Rose + Klimt is now complete and measuring 38″ x 44″. It moves onto the quilting pile.

I loved this journey, and it has been fun to share it with you! May all your srirching journeys be a joy.



    1. Thank you! This Klimt/Esther Lily Rose is an older creation and has been quilted! Perhaps you are thinking of my current Klimt/Esther/Shelly quilt? I am waiting for some border fabric to arrive.


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