Pin Basting With Pool Noodles

It happened, finally. I cannot physically do the deep bending required for puting a larger quilt on my basement floor, bending deeply and taping the backing down and then layering the batting and the quilt top.

No more sitting on the floor, as I have done for many year, stretching and reaching and twisting to slip my basting pin into the three layers and feeling that satisfaction as the pin is secured. My last round of sandwiching my quilt layers caused an injury that I am still recovering from, so it is time to try something different.

What to do? Pool noodles? Sure, why not give it a try! They are cheap and I have quilt tops to sandwich.

Some people use a dining table for this chore, but I am very fortunate to have a 9’ x 3′ kitchen island. It is also the perfect height to conduct this experiment with no stooping or bending.

I ordered a pack of 5 noodles, 55” long from Amazon for just under $20. This size will allow me to sandwich a twin size and I have one twin size top waiting and second under construction. I also love a problem that $20 can solve!

For my “practice run” with this method, I used a large lap sized quilt top that I recently completed. It is 47″ x 67″. I cut the backing and batting 3″ larger on each side than the quilt.

Pinning the backing onto the blue pool noodle. Right side is down as this the backing.

Next, I pinned the batting to the hot pink pool noodle and rolled. Be sure that you are rolling snugly and straight.

Last, I pinned the quilt top to the purple pool noodle. Right side is up for the quilt top.
The three components – quilt top, batting, and backing all rolled up.
The first row of pin basting. Smooth from the middle out to the sides and then pin.
The last row! I had to pay attention as the backing started to angle a bit as it unrolled. Always make sure that your layers stay aligned.

How was it? Quick and relatively easy! Now to quilt up this little quilt. When the methods we have used no longer work for us, it is time to move on to something new!

Happy quilting!



  1. Hi, fantastic glad it worked I have used this method for ages.
    No ore struggling on floor.
    Great news and looks great
    Xx happy quilting 9

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  2. Pool middles were my saving grace as I suffer from chronic back issues for decades. I have taped them together for larger quilts but they need a pole to keep them straight. I use broom handles from the dollar store. People think it’s funny that I have pool noodles in my spare room closet.

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  3. I started using them about two years ago Lennea for the same reason, but I use my double bed as work on, which I cover with swade first . I actually sit at the end of the bed and baste mine with thread. I can not use pins here they go rusty in 6 months. So glade you shared how to do this, looks much easier on them table top. Cheers Glenda

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