Sew It or Bin It?

Every week I go through the fridge and play “eat it or bin it” with the leftovers in the fridge. If it is worth eating, then eat it, if not, toss it.

I have been doing some destashing in my sewing studio and as I was looking the other day, I wondered…what fabric do I have suitable for sew it or bin it?

Right away, I realized there was a prime candidate. Two jelly rolls bought when I first started quilting seriously when I retired in 2015. Why did I buy them? I was new to quilting and they were on sale. Why haven’t I used them? They are reproduction fabrics and not really my style or color. I even packed them up when I moved two years ago and then unpacked them. Two round tributes to “what was I was thinking?”, a well known impulse buying form of fabric remorse.

The jelly roll!

I have 3 projects in progress, my maximum number of projects in progress. So what was I doing thinking about that Moda jelly roll? My quilters brain does not always follow the rules. I knew that it was it was time to sew it or toss it!

I decided to do a lap sized jelly roll log cabin, using a single jelly roll. Log cabins are my comfort zone and quickly made. I began by sorting out the darks and lights and the color families in the roll. Jelly roll log cabins tend to be scrappy as there are never the precise number of strips in the color value needed for a precision log cabin. Scrappy is not my usual style, but I pressed on.

The first centers, one utilizing a red center and one a blue.

Ater constructing the red squares and blue squares, I realized that I had enough strips to construct another set in the deep gold/brown colorway. Hmm. Perhaps an omber effect could be achieved in the block layout using these three colorways. Hmm.

Eight log cabin squares of each colorway were constructed. Here are the centers of the blue and red ones.

Time to decide on a layout. Log cabins have lots of layout choices.

The classic chevron option!
The zig zag effect! I almost went with this one, and then tried out a few more.

Time to find a border, and I found a batik in stash with similarly muted colors…blue, green and bit of deep red.

Stitched it up in three days. The jelly roll was saved from the bin! I will quilt it up later. Block size is 10”. Finished size is 47 x 67”.
Close up so that you see the color combo better.

But what happened to the second matching jelly roll? I put it on my local Buy Nothing group and gave it away to a happy neighbor.

Time to get back to my three WIPs (Works in Progress).

Happy quilting! Lennea


  1. That’s a good strategy to use for many things. Right now I’m going through our closets and clothing. Being retired means no more work clothes, shoes, bags etc. I find it’s a different type of freedom to not have to look at or deal with so much ‘stuff’! But when it comes to the fabric – I still can’t let go! Lol
    The log cabin quilt looks great one I haven’t made since I began quilting, might need to try one again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really love log cabins as they are so versatile and once you have the blocks made up you have lots of layouts to chose from. I find that the key to a good log cabin square is to square it up after each light/dark round of additional strips.


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