Flower Power Charms for Oma’s Blues

As I worked through the Oma’s Blues charm blocks, there was a tremendous compulsion to do a flower charm. It is obviously a perfect filler for these blocks!

This flower is, I believe, a carnation and it is from Esther Aliu’s Red Delicious series. The first time I made it, I didn’t care for it. The second time, it became intriguing. The third time, I was in love. This is the 5th project that I have used a variation or portion of this motif.

Yes, we can grow carnations here in the Pacific Northwest US, but this flower block is more about my general love of beautiful blooms, my garden and how wonderfully this little motif fits the charms.

I knew I wanted to use the lace for the bottom bloom portion of the motif, ( also used the lace in one of the mug charms) and I think it works beautifully in this small space. I reduced the pattern to 65% (if I remember correctly?) for use with the charms. Pulling the colors and fabrics from the center of my OB project, I think that these charms will reference the center blooms nicely.

Adding “ferns” with the deco stitch.
Bringing some blue for the Oma’s Blues!
Love these deep speckled purples!
I love this little leaf deco design, and what a perfect space for it!
The blooms quartet!

This completes the 20 circles; now I just need the corner ones. I have something special in mind for the corners, but now I need to work on two other projects for a bit, playing catch up with my other projects.

Some of beautiful blooms in my garden right now! They always inspire me.

Happy quilting everyone! Lennea


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