Oma’s Blues Center, Follow the Bliss

The center of my Esther Aliu designed Oma’s Blues project is now completed. Stonehenge fabric is being used throughout. I had a fat quarter bundle with blues, greens, purples and the yellow/orange/purple and the coral/yellow cuts. The fat quarter bundle determined my center color scheme. Later, I found a layer cake (10″ squares) of teal Stonehenge in my stash and a yard of violet ombre Stonehenge! Yay!

To recap:

Laying out my elements on the pattern.
The big flower! Center stitching is done with a bi-directional blanket stitch in teal variegated thread. I will add some additional flower detail when I do my quilting.
The large tulip shape flower is stitched with matching purple thread and then a variegated purple/green/blue thread used on the flower interior and for stamens. The purple thread was also used for a couple of contrasting stamens.

The ring developed…

Working on the ring. The ring was paper pieced and then edge turned. The small circles were stitched on and then the ring attached to the background after the center elements were appliqued.
The ring is stitched down with a blanket stitch using Superior Threads MonoPoly invisible thread. My purple/blue/green varigated thread is used for the purple flower shapes. The varigated teal is used for the deco stitch centers in the yellow/orange shapes and ferns.

I really liked the fern idea and went back and added some ferns in the flower arrangement.

The lovely bird Esther designed for us.
The flowers and vase!

The next section, border and charm squares with a circle. The circles will be filled with vignettes of my Northwest Pacific home. Water, Rhododendron, Birds. But first, what direction to head on the color? I auditioned two choices.

Now, do I use purple on my charm squares? And go a purply direction?
Or go a teal, bluesy direction?

I could see it either way, really. But my 18 yr old grandson loved the teal. So teal it is!

Most of this project is raw edge, but I did paper piecing and turned edge on the ring. Turned edge is really nice for circles, giving a smooth edge without any stray threads. I got busy turning circles!
My current thinking…it could change! I started up with the teal and then I thought why not add purple circles on the corners? And a purple flange? Have it both ways?
I had some Battenberg that I bought years ago online and I am snipping elements to use instead of circles in the interior border. It also works well with the white in the circle.

These projects are so much fun and also so challenging! So many choices and then we always think of the direction not taken. All we can do is try to listen to the pattern, the fabric and follow our bliss. And we can always make them again in a totally different way. I do this often. Once you fall in love with a pattern, it is never a bad idea to revisit it and take it a whole new direction. And I find that I make fewer mistakes the second time around!

Happy stitching!



  1. Hi Lennea,
    Fascinating love, your storytelling, and the colour choices are divine .
    I am looking forward to seeing the next part . Will do mine one day

    Happy stitching

    Liked by 1 person

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