Not So Sad Beige!

Tone on tone beige is a current decorating trend, one my Gen X daughter dubbed “sad beige” after seeing an Instagram influencer posts referencing the trend.

Coincidently, I unearthed some coffee themed prints from my stash to make a mid-winter pick me up table runner. And then decided to keep making table toppers/runners until I used them up!

Coffee is definitely on the brown side of the color equation, which leades to mocha, latte, cream, and – YUP, we have now entered tone on tone beige territory. I had to chuckle when I realized my years old stash fabric and I had arrived at a fashion trend convergence.

But “sad beige”? No, I don’t think so. Beiges are so easy to pop with red, metallics, black and ooh…glowing green. (Why did I buy only 1/2 yd of that incredible pale Olivine Dimples blender?)

I am calling these the “Not So Sad Beige” Table Topper series! Browns, beige, and yes, even greige, popped and made lively. I need that red and yes, olivine, in the dead of winter!

7 runner/toppers s to quilt and bind, oh my! I am keeping two and using the remainder for gifts. So if you have a gifting occasion coming up, and you know me in person, you just might find one of these on your doorstep in 2023.

Elegant topper #1, using a basic log cabin style, 23.5” square.
Using some deco stitches.
Bright Runner #2 for a nice long table.
Feathers + straight-line quilting for texture.

Deep, Rich Runner $3 accented with Superior Threads Gray Twist thread deco stitches and feathers. 14″ x 36″.
FMQ feathers + deco stitch feathers.
Feathered Topper #4 – I am keeping this one! 24″ square.
The green was lying next to my work table and snuck in there!
Cheerful Kenyan Coffee Runner #5
Deco hearts, for the love of coffee!
Smooth beige Runner #6. This one goes to Sandra, my sewing sister.
Feathers + straight line and some deco scrolls.
Kona Runner #7, Also Mine! Some red to brighten the winter grey.
Playing with straight line stitching.
Using my Cindy Needham Ultimate Stencil to mark my fabric.
Love my Fons & Porter white ceramic marker for dark fabrics.
All stitched and ready for those feathers.

No patterns were used. I just made a pile of HSTs and started throwing them up on my design wall. All my coffee themed fabrics are now used up along with a couple others! Stash busting fun and I got a lot of FMQ practice done before tackling quilting the Secret Garden quilt.

Have fun and find some bright colors to brighten your beige and your space!



  1. Hi, how you make it look so easy, I know it isn’t, but you excel in coming up with themes and colour. They are all fabulous and look forward to one popping up on my doormat .
    Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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