What’s on Your Wall?

So what happens to all these quilts that we make? Some might wind up in a cupboard, but most go to a new home to spread the quilting joy. A few, however, stay home and brighten up bathrooms (Yes!), bedrooms and other spaces. Are they carefully curated? Or do they stay because no one else seems to love them?

We have a fair amount of art on the walls, but a few spots are reserved for my quilts. Here are the quilts currently hanging on our walls and how they got there.

Lily Rose

Lily Rose is a favorite pattern by Esther Aliu. I have made three to-date, in two different sizes. The full size (38″ x 43″) one hangs in our entryway, mounted on a curtain rod. (I love the curtain rod mount!). I use this as a seasonal hanging spot and switch it out twice a year (easy to do with the curtain rod) with another favorite pattern, On My Window Flowers Bloom.

This Lily Rose is made exclusively from the Kaufmann Klimt fabric line. All applique is done in Superior Threads metallic gold. The curtain rod mount makes it easy to trade out for my seasonal switch. This was done in 2019 and is still a favorite.

This is the rare one that I made, loved and kept. If someone else wants my “best” quilts, I nearly always give them away. But I claimed this one and stuck to it!

This was my first appliqué piece where I used McTavishing as a background quilting and I realized how well it shows off appliqué work. McTavish is now my signature appliqué look!

And yes, there is a Lily Rose in the main floor bathroom. Sharing space with her is a panel quilt.

Lily Rose in 50% reduced size made out of Chinese Laundry charm squares in shades of blue with Battenburg lace on the table. This was a personal challenge to do a piece in one color.
The background is an aqua Moda grunge. This one had no takers and I decided to put it up in the downstairs bath of our new home. Lily measures 23 x 25.5”.
This was specifically made to fit the space above the toilet in the downstairs bath. I used an aqua grunge metallic as background and grunge metallic dots plus a black lace for the frames for the cute hummingbird and flower panel prints. I practiced tiny feathers for the background quilting. This one is 18” x 32”.

I like the contrast between the ornate, metallic encrusted Lily Rose and the home spun Lily Rose. It is always fascinating to switch up fabrics and thread for a spectacularly different look.

On My Window Flowers Bloom

On My Window Flowers Bloom, also an Esther Aliu pattern, is done in Northcott Stonehenge fabrics that I found on a trip to Binghamton, NY. It is hard to find Stonehenge here on the west coast, but apparently the east coast is a treasure trove of Stonehenge! I love all the color gradations in this fabric line and the texture and depth it gives appliqué projects. This was my second Esther project and the first time that I used metallic threads for appliqué and FMQ.

This was another piece that went unclaimed, but I am glad it lives with me! I adore the Stonehenge fabrics, which also remind me of a wonderful trip. Completed Feb 2019.

Cape Neddick Lighthouse, Maine

The upstairs guest bath features the Cape Neddick Lighthouse. This was made in 2017, the year before I realized my love of appliqué. (It might have been the spark!)

We drove cross country to Maine from western Washington, covering 7800 miles in a month. This was furthest point north east that we reached. I had a photo of the lighthouse and turned it into a wall hanging to celebrate our trip. Made on a vintage Bernina, I had no blanket stitch available, but muddled through with satin stitches.

Swirls were my only FMQ motif at this point! This one is 21 x 23”.

Red Delicious (Deliciously Blue)

This is a variation of Esther Aliu’s Red Delicious, done in blues, which I call Deliciously Blue. I made it specifically for our new home in 2021 and it hangs in our bedroom. I look at her each night and each morning and sometimes stop to pet her. Occasionally I talk to her! And I also look at the FMQ for inspiration when pondering the quilting for a new project.

This version is made at 75% of the original pattern size. It is about 51” square.
I love how each block of this pattern tells a story. I have made it twice and am not ruling out a third shot at it!

These are my “keeper” wall pieces to date. I do have a couple stairways that could support some additional ones if I get the urge to hang onto another one or two.

Happy quilting all! What’s on your wall?


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