The Year Ahead

Time to line up projects for 2023!

First up is my big unfinished project from 2022. I started Secret Garden in March. It is the most challenging applique project that I have done to date. Little did I know that in July I would develop an auto immune disorder and it would be even more challenging! The hardest part is done…the heavily appliqued center section and it is on to borders now. So excited to get to this point. I hope to have this done by the end of April.

And yes, one more WIP from 2022…a 18″ square quarter pattern version of Sandra’s Bouquet. This could be either a wall hanging or a pillow top. Will quilt and then decide.

Cat Laps! I started a series of small, lap sized quilts featuring cats in fall 2022 and have completed and homed 3 kitty quilts. I have fabric for 2 more.

Cats + Koi #1
Fabrics for the next Cat Lap!
“It was a dark and stormy night…”

Pipe themed Christmas stockings. I made 12, kept 2, gave one away and sold 9 despite not making it to a pipe show in 2022. They are so fun to make and I have decided to make more this year, with proceeds going into my grandkids’ education fund. This will also use up accumulated holiday fabric in my stash. I am modifying the original pattern a bit to make them quicker to sew up. These are fun and quick! I am thinking about 25?

A few of this year’s pipe themed stockings.
A special request, purple! I will definitely make purple ones this year.
The ones we hung at home!

I have some coffee themed fabrics hanging around, so adding some grunge and making a few table runners, including one for me! The autumn themed table runner that I made for myself last fall was a favorite and I am almost ready to switch out my Christmas themed table runner. I likely have enough for several runners, so there may be multiple versions!

The red is pulling me in! It will be great as an accent or with HSTs. Mid winter is a great time to add a bit red to the environment.
This is an old appliqué pattern that I discovered on line and was lucky to snag a copy. It’s small, but maybe in a runner with my coffee fabrics? Or enlarge a bit? We will see.

Grand daughter Micah’s 16th birthday quilt. Her birthday is in July, so I hope she gets some ideas for it quickly and I can make a start on it! This will be a collaborative project as Micah has inherited Gram’s artistic inclinations. TBD! This project will likely take a fair amount of time, including “field work”, so reserving a good block of time.

Here is hoping your year ahead has lots of beautiful appliqué, quilting and sewing adventures!



  1. Oh Lennea you still are on a roll with that long list of 2023 ideas. I sure admire your attitude. I need to be more positive and get my sewing machine out again. I do miss my large studio where I use to have 4 sewing machines up and running, now I don’t have one LOL. May be today is the magic day. Thanks for the motivation. Cheers Glenda. PS love the coffee pot background .


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