Stash Buster Catitude!

Catitude by Beatrix was a very popular fabric series featuring paisley embellished cats. I recently grabbed one of their panels off of Amazon for a quick cat lap quilt. The panel has four 9 3/4″ squares and a 18″ square section. What could be more fun?

I decided to use some of my excess stash layer cake (10″ squares) batiks to make up a lap quilt. I wanted a simple, quick block and found this one at Missouri Star Quilts on You Tube.

I needed some light squares to brighten up all my dark purples and blues and found this in my stash! It is a white on pale cream layer cake. Gee, why didn’t I buy more at the clearance sale 5 years ago?? These are terrific?

Given the paisley design embellishment, I decided to quilt this up using paisley style FMQ including Fin Feathers and Jumbo Paisleys. I divided the quilt top into 9 larger sections for the design.

First, of course, is the SID and I did SID around each 9.25″ block (square with two rectangles). I also outlined the cats and the gold metallic swirls around them with MonoPoly.

Center cats with outlining and some cute little feathers.
The large paisleys. I am not thrilled with how these turned out, but forged ahead. I used a dark blue/purple/red variegated thread for the paisleys.
The fin feathers did not work out, so I decided to do a two sided feather type design with feathers on one side of the spine and swirls on the other. I am using a light blue/green variegated thread in the corner sections.
I used some leftover wide back and pieced two sections for the backing.
Completed at 50″ square.

Not my best quilting effort, but they can’t all be “best”. It is a cute quilt, however, and I used up some stash!

Happy quilting all! Lennea


  1. Your curls and swirls are beautiful!!!  I want to do a Christmas runner with the gold thread you sent.  I hope it turns out as beautiful as yours!!


  2. I think your quilting is wonderful and is perfect for the quilt. We are always too critical of our own work. Thank you for continuing to blog…it’s inspirational, informative and just fun!

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  3. I think it’s just stunning, love the quilting too, I think we are some times too critical of our own work, so just toss it my way Lennea LOL. Actually I like the swirls they go with cats, and so do feathers.. I have a pile of quilts waiting for me to get up and go, but it never happened last year or this one LOL. Thanks for the tutorial Lennea, it’s like reading a fresh interesting write up in a top Quilting Magazine. ThNks for such a fantastic write ups All Year. Cheers Glenda

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