A Tale of 9 Cats!

We all know that cats have nine lives! When I wanted to make a cat-themed quilt for my cat lover friend, I knew that these panels would be a perfect choice and dug them out of my stash.

They are a bit other-worldly, but they also seem to fit into cat arch types. The big fluffy cat, resplendent with luxurious fur. The small, finely formed cat. The cat that is more sphinx, defended from generations of royal cats. The elegant shorthair, smooth and serene.

I wanted to add some color, because my friend loves color as well and I dug into my Klimt fabric stash for a cool cobalt blue.

The sphinx cat, framed by feathers.
The smooth, cool shorthair, and feather mania has struck! Swirls in the outside border.
The fluffy puss…feathers again!
The center cat…swirls.

I haven’t quilted a larger quilt in some time and apparently, it was feathery day. Lots of feather practice, with swirls in sashing, border, and middle cat block.

Like all panel projects, this 59 x 59″ lap quilt made up quickly. I hope my friend enjoys cuddling on the couch with her cats on the couch all snug in this quilt!

Sally’s 9 Cat Quilt!

Happy quilting all!



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