My Pretty Perfect Pattern

Do you sew apparel? Do you have a “perfect pattern”? One that fits in all the right places, that makes up quickly? A pattern that can be used with wovens or knits? One that skims over the lumps and bumps? And makes you feel pretty?

One of the challenges of being female is the expectation that your outfits will be unique and rotate frequently. You will not wear the same outfit more than once or twice a month, and never the same outfit to a dressy event more than once. “I liked that the last time you wore that”, said the wife of a friend at a supper event! Well, I like it too and I will wear again!

Males are not hampered with these expectations. They can wear the same suit 24 times in two months with a couple different ties and no one blinks an eye. Or have 5 pairs of the same atyle pants in 3 colors and the same style shirt in 4 colors and wesr them day in and day out, like my hubby, who has been wearing the same styles (and sometimes shirt!) for decades.

After nearly 7 decades on planet earth, I have tired of the rules for women’s attire. I tired of it about 20 years ago, about the time my waist deserted me, to be truthful. Once I retired, I began a search for my perfect “mature body” pattern. Roomy enough in the bust and long enough (us long waisted gals are tired of tops that are always too short after you wash them) and never to snug or too baggy. A pattern I could make over and over and over and never worry about fit. About 5 yrs ago, I found my perfect pattern in the vintage listings on eBay. Every few years, I make a new batch. I also have this patter in two different size ranges, adding to its versatility. 🙃

This year’s crop of perfect pattern creations is rolling off my assembly line. I have tie dye versions, crinkle gauze and waffle gauze versions for easy care and wearing around the house and garden or out to the geocery store. Cotton gauze is by far one of the cheaper fabeics available (only $4.99/yd from Vogue Fabrics online) and comes in a dozen colors. This means I can make a gauze top for about $15! And it will last for at least 4 years of regular use. I have also ordered some plain white and lavender for more tie dye adventures.

I made this white one for a vacation 4 yrs ago, it is showing its age, so it is getting tie dyed! Or “upcycled” in posh speak.
Now it’s perfect for chores and gardening.
I didn’t like the color whenthe fabric arrived. Blue, but neither pale nor dark. Just blue. Now it is blue with a attitude!
I really like the way the back turned out!
Waffle gauze in a wonderful deep teal. casual fabric, but exceptional color!
Crinkle gauze in eggplant! Goes well with my current rose gold hair color. Hems are serged edge and finish in minutes!

And then there are a couple challis/rayon versions for those rare occasions when we are out and about or socializing. Going out for coffee with my daughter or having the kids for dinner definitely counts as a “dressier” event these days.

At $15/yd, and in the 58” width fabric, the dressy top comes in at about $30. this top is made in a 3.7 oz high quality challis/rayon from Hawthoenw Supply Co. and it washed (and dried) beautifully. There was no shrinkage or warping of fibers as with many ready made tops. Although I hang my tops to dry, I always prewash and dry the fabric in the machines and then am secure that an accidental trip though the dryer will not harm my creation.

The background and back fabric was purchased a few years ago and there was not enough for the pattern. I found the designer’s updated version, however, in the same palette and used it for the front overlay. I really love this one! Grandson approved!
Details! Handmade apparel always have wonderful details!
Out of my color norm, but it was so pretty and goes with my pink/mauve hair! This is a 2.5 oz challis and very cool and lightweight.
Fun with deco stitches!

I have a few more crinkle cottons on order to do more tie dye experimenting and also a couple more challis lengths. Major wardrobe update this year! And I am having fun.

Gratuitous photo of my tiny sunflowers that never grew very well in the dry summer. But they are perfectly pretty!

Happy sewing all! May your apparel creations be pretty perfect every time!



  1. Hi, thankyou for your great pictures, you have a beautiful pattern all of them came out fabulous so versatile.
    Fabrics where chosen right for the pattern and your sewing again is excellent.
    Happy sewing xxxx

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