Tacoma Poncho, Summer Version

A summer poncho?? But summer is HOT, who needs a poncho in the summer? If you live in the US Pacific Northwest you might! Our summers have plenty of cooler, rainy days and sometimes you need just a little something to toss over your shoulders as you head out to the shops or in the evening when it cools substantially.

I have still been grabbing my Pendleton wool Tacoma Poncho occasionally, but it’s a bit too warm and somehow not right to don a wool garment during the warmer months.

My original Tacoma Poncho.

Tacoma Poncho made with Pendleton wool fabric.

I am enamored with my poncho, with it’s added pockets. You can toss it on quickly in a rush out the door. The poncho fits comfortably over anything you are wearing; no need to wonder if the sleeves will fit over your shirt, or if you will feel too “sausage-like” in a jacket (as I age, I prefer comfort to fashion!) or too warm, or not warm enough.

Remembering that I had a wonderful linen/cotton blend fabric in my garment fabric stash, I decided it was time to create a spring/summer poncho. This a 43″ wide fabric, so the “sleeves” will be shorter and I shortened the length as well.

Robert Kaufmann makes this beautiful yarn dyed fabric, that has lots of texture and which I have used previously for jackets. It cuts easily, sews up beautifully, washes nicely and comes in a wide range of colors. I order it online from Hawthorne Supply Co.

The “hand stitch” machine selection makes a great, simple accent for any garment.

Using the “hand stitch” stitch on my Bernina to accentuate the pocket and placket stitching.
Using my walking foot to keep all my fabric layers smooth and flat while doing my “hand stitch” stitch with an aqua, purple, green variegated 40 wt thread.
A deco stitch on the pockets and also along the “sleeve” edge of the jacket.
Vintage abalone buttons from my button collection. The pattern has a single button at the very, but I have found that a button nearer the middle is helpful, especially in wind and rain!
Tacoma Poncho, summer version!

Happy sewing to all!


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