The Haze of Summer Haze

My HST project continues. Dozens HSTs to construct, square up and iron, growing my piles as I place and evaluate my Summer Haze sections. And then double and triple check to make sure they are correctly placed. One can get a bit lost in all these 4″ squares and things can get a bit hazy indeed!

Having lots of colors in this quilt definitely helps fend off any boredom. This pattern has a rather subtle overall diamond pattern that is difficult to see as you are building the pattern. Each larger “diamond” formed is slightly different than the previous ones. The pattern calls for 7 colors, but I am working with 9 because I loved them all.

The squares can appear solid from a distance, but the fabric has a really nice subtle pattern and each color has a different accent. The background is a eggshell off white with pale tan and grey accents which gives texture and depth to the overall look.

I love the brigther accents on the green and gold!
Currently, the top is 80″ wide and 65″ long.

It’s fun watching the larger diamond patterns emerge as it grows. Only when you step back and view the the larger area can you see the diamonds fully emerge. I have one row of larger “diamonds” to stitch up (about a week’s worth of work) and then I will figure out a border design to expand the top to a King Size.

Happy quilting!



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