Finishing Touches!

Some weeks, it’s all about the wrap up and putting the finishing touches on the projects.

The fabric to bind the OMWFB arrived; I was a wee bit short. And the Purple Reign needed binding as well.

Here is OMWFB with its binding.

On My Window, Flowers Bloom (Pattern by Esther Aliu), 35″ x 45″
Close up of blanket stitching used on binding. Light gold Magnifico thread is used.

Love this quilt? Visit Sandra & Lennea Sew & Blog page on FB and enter to win this quilt!

The second finish is Purple Reign with a nice dark binding to frame those blooms!

Purple Reign, my own design, 48″ x 73″
Closeup of deco stitched used on binding using variegated black/white/gray thread.
Back of Purple Reign.
One of the new hot pads. I used some leftover purple binding from an earlier project. These perky hot pads are now in service. (Insulbright plus one layer of cotton batting are used in the center.)

Happy quilting to all and beautiful finishes!



  1. Sitting in my chair at 5am enjoy a quiet visit Lennea. Love those hot pads. You are a crazy generous lady giving away your beautiful OMWFB. Question? you finish your binding All by machine no hand stitching? Thanks for such a great read and it’s nice to know you are happy and busy while locked inside due to cold and snow. Hugs Glenda


    1. Yes! The binding is attached to the back, brought forward, clipped with those little clips and then deco stitched. It is sunny and 47 degrees F today. Quite nice and spring like here. We haven’t had snow since Christmas!


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