Purple Reign and Kismet

Once in a while, the stars align. A cosmic conversion occurs and 2022 is one of those years for me when the perfect combination of color and fabric occurs. Purple is in this year, including beautiful plumy purples like this Purple Reign fabric line by Clothworks.

I discovered the Purple Reign collection in one of my favorite little quilt shops up in Port Townsend, WA and quickly piled them on the cutting table. Mine! Gloriously mine! This cosmic convergence of color and the wonderful Purple Reign prints simply screamed to be made into a lovely log cabin. You know how I love a log cabin! And purple! It was kismet!

My Purple Reign selection.
The backing!

I used my EQ8 software to preview the log cabin layout and color placement. The log cabin blocks are 11.75″ unfinished, with a 4.5″ center, and two rounds of 2.5″ strips, which means it goes together very quickly. Borders are 4.5″ unfinished with 4.5″ square cornerstones.

The EQ8 design.

I couldn’t decide between the flower print center and the gray center, so I decided to do some of each! The layout utilizes the two in a design that allows each to shine. I used my EQ8 software to help me decide the log cabin layout and color placement.

This is 56″ x 76″ and could be used on a twin size US mattress or a futon. It also is a great “couch quilt” size for chilly weather snuggling.

The step by step quilting plan:

  1. SID – Stitch in the ditch with MonoPoly around the log cabin blocks and then around the inside of the second round of logs. Now I can take out most of the pins and move my quilt and stitch anywhere I like.
  2. “Divide and conquer” – You can’t decide what to quilt where all at once unless you decide to do an all over design. Break it down… Do you want to quilt individual blocks or quilt a patchwork design as a block? I am doing both here. Gray center squares will be quilted as individual blocks. The larger cross/circle design will be quilted as unit.
A rough drawing of the quilting plan done on my iPad.

After SID, I used Cindy Needham stencils marking with Fons & Porter white ceramic/chalk fabric marker is used on the dark fabrics (SewLine makes very similar ceramic/chalk markers.)

Marking the fabric.

I decided early on to do a two tone thread treatment, with Magnifico 50wt glossy white in the gray centered blocks. I found a lavender twist thread (Superior Threads, 50wt) in my stash for the larger area.

It was a very close finish on my white spool!

Large FMQ flowers fill the grey center squares, while 3/4 medallions (medallions are so fun to make) cover the larger cross/circle design.

The grey block centers.
The gray block quilting.
Quilting close up.
Cornerstone quilting in the lavender twist.
Large swirls in the border in white.

I will make up a couple hot pads out of the leftover fabric bits (I also used them to test thread colors). Yay! Purple hot pads!

Time to go bury thread tails and add the border. Next week I will post the completed quilt and talk about my next project.

Color note: Purple Reign is not as blue “in person” as it shows on EQ8 or internet photos. It is a more of a plumy purple with a red undertone. My photos are representative of the real color.

Happy quilting!



  1. Lennea, this is absolutely gorgeous! You’ve done such a beautiful design! Love the purple tones. Well done! 👏👏👏🥰🥰🥰

    And What a coincidence! Mum began a purple tone geometric pattern too. 😃 It’s beautiful, of course not as beautiful as yours but she does what she can nowadays.. 😕🧡


  2. WHEW!!!!!! Lennea I’m exhausted and Ive just read about it not made it LOL I just love love love the quilting it’ blown me away, your designs every where were amazing. SO many lessons here my mind is whirling out of control!!!!! Your quilt then the quilting!!! not to mention the write up, WHEW !!! Thanks a million for such a tutorial Lennea. Cheers Glenda


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