On My Window Flowers Bloom, Part 1

OMWFB is started! I looked through my stash and considered a couple different approaches to this quilt, but was charmed by the bird print and decided to see what I could do with it. It is challenging because backgrounds for applique pieces tend to be solids, or prints/batiks that appear solid, or are a low volume print that recedes into the background.

The background

Selecting the bird print means that I have to be careful not to let my applique pieces struggle with my background for visual dominance. While my preference tends to be prints, I decided to use batiks in solids and subtle prints. The flower pots and window frame are leftovers pieces of Moda Grunge. Grunge is great as it has subtle color variations adding depth and texture, but without competing with busier fabrics.

Block one

I am also editing some of the flower/leaf elements to allow a little more of the birdie background to be visible.

Block 2, making my blooms using a light box and applique sheet.
Block 2

Here are the first two squares of the project, side by side. The vases and leaves are edge turned and machine appliquéd. The flower petals are raw edge and machine appliquéd on the first block, and turned edge and machine applique on the second block. I am using Sulky Sticky Tearaway stabilizer on the backs of the blocks to provide a good stable applique surface. Heat n Bond lite is used to secure the raw edge pieces. Iron on “washable” media is used for the turned edge pieces. The leaves are all turned edge.

I am thoroughly enjoying this project!

Happy quilting, Lennea


    1. Thank you! I always use a bias tape for stems to keep the edges tidy. Bias cut is the fastest way to do stems and so easy with a bias tape maker. Often, however, it is simply how much time I am willing to spend turning small edges! Leaves are quite easy to turn and I do love the extra thickness with a turned edge on a leaf. The big blooms with lots of pieces in the first square could get quite built up with a turned edge and I figured that the raw edge would work well for it. My process is not at all scientific, I’m afraid.

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  1. Fabulous Lennea. I Do like how you have set the leaves to suit the wee birds in many places so they look like they are flying around and some landing on the leaves, or sitting on them. Your colour choice as usual have my juices flowing. LOL Love your scientific approach on tackling some thing LLLOL Mine is the same LOL Hugs from Down Under.

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    1. Thank you! As my youngest said the other night in a phone conversation. “We have ALWAYS been planners!” Logic and pre-planning (organization) is the foundation of a successful pursuit. I haven’t had to do a lot of bird juggling. The print seems well suited to the scale of the birdie print and they seem to be quite happy to emerge at appropriate intervals. But it does increase the fun factor!


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