The 2022 Crystal Ball

Each year, I put a list of projects together. What’s in store for 2022? Hmmm…let’s gaze into the crystal ball and see what appears.

Sometimes I already know what I want to do, but when inspiration is lacking, I turn to four things to get the sewing mojo going: 1) Any lurking WIPs, 2) my fabric stash, 2) my pattern stash, and 4) a personal challenge.

WIPs – Are there any Works in Progress haunting the sewing studio? There are few, if any, because I tend to finish what I start. I am closing in on finishing my one uncompleted project for 2021, so it goes to the top of the list. That gets finished first.

Pattern Stash: Time to rifle through my paper patterns, a few magazines that I have on the shelf, patterns in my Esther Aliu applique group, and patterns saved to my hard drive. Patterns can be great inspiration.

This looks fun!
This is part of an old pattern set. Hoping to find others in the set as well for my coffee-themed fabric stash.
This looks great for using up my leftover holiday fabrics! Cindi has stopped these patterns, but ordered a small stash of her patterns to keep me busy.

Fabric stash: Our most recent visit to one of my favorite quilt shops – Creative Union Fabrics up in Port Townsend, WA – in late Nov included this wonderful purple grouping. I also have a number of layer cake (10″ square sets) that are languishing on the shelves, including a holiday layer cake bought on sale in Nov.

Purple Reign fabric selection. These will make a great log cabin!

Personal Challenge: This could be a pattern I saw in the past that I really liked, or some fabric that I really want to use or a challenge with a sewing friend. Sandra Pearson and I like to do a sewing challenge together each year. We pick a pattern (or two) and make it together. Sharing the process and watching each other’s project come together is always fun and motivating. This year, Sandra and I selected Esther Aliu’s On My Window Flowers Bloom pattern for our applique challenge.

Esther Aliu pattern for the challenge!

The 2022 List:

  1. My 2021 WIP (working on it now)
  2. On My Window Flowers Bloom (I have started it!)
  3. Finish the jacket I am making for hubby (waiting on buttons)
  4. Use up a couple layer cakes (perhaps a quilt with half square triangles?)Purple Reign log cabin quilt
  5. Christmas Tree appliqué
  6. Coffee themed wall hanging
  7. Cindi Edgerton’s Christmas stocking paper-pieced pattern (4 for my new “stocking friendly” fireplace mantel)

What do I do with the list? I start one or two and as the year progresses, I check back with my list and see what looks good. Do I feel like a quick project or something more challenging? What color beckons me? Do I need something for a gift? The purpose of the list is inspiration and direction. It isn’t a road map and I rarely finish the list as originally written. Some projects flip over to the next year’s list and some items are removed, others get added. If I run across something I really like – pattern, idea, fabric – I add it to the list and scoot everything else down.

Here’s to an adventurous sewing year!



  1. Hi yes, I love a new project and our joint challenge will be fun. I have a few so will also be watching and waiting for your completions . Have fun find more lol


  2. Loved how you were honest and said “If I run across something I really like – pattern, idea, fabric – I add it to the list and scoot everything else down.” LLLOL Some wonderful patterns there Lennea, loved the Feathered Christmas tree looks similar to my Christmas tree I made a few years ago. Your fabrics you bought in Nov would look nice in any body’s stash. Looks like you have a very busy 2022 coming up? Hugs from Down Under.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to have a much longer list that would change a lot as it was really more an idea list and we quilters have hundreds of ideas! Now I pick the things I am really committed to for the list. But honestly? It’s my list. I can do what I want with it!!


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