2021 Wrap Up

What projects did you complete this year that you particularly enjoyed? What made your heart sing and delighted your senses?

We moved this year, which really cut into my sewing time. But here are highlights of this year ‘s projects.

Deliciously Blue – This is made for decor for our new house. I am madly in love with this pattern and needed (yes, needed) one in colors to suit our new home. It’s hung in our master bedroom. I love the deep colors, the whimsy and how each square has its own story.

Come Walk With Me the Forest Said – This is based on idea that I had in the middle of working on another project. Klimt fabric throughout including a fabric panel. I loved every minute of making it and looking at it every day during the months that I worked on it. One of my daughters has claimed this, so I will be able to visit it at her home!

Vintage Singer Rehab – There were no plans to bring some vintage machines into the sewing area, but who can resist a “free” machine? And the challenge of seeing if I could get it running? And then a second free machine? Tom and I really enjoyed making these old gals and their cabinets pretty and functional. This brings my number of machines in the studio to 7, so I think it’s full up!

Refurbished Model 66-1 Singer in the walnut cabinet that Tom refinished.
Refurbished Singer model 15-88 in #42 cabinet that I already owned.
Bottom right – cabinet was painted a yellow/gewwn with brown “antique” glazing. Bottom left – repainted table now holds my serger. Top- close up of new paint.
Oh! Can’t forget the wonderful cutting table made by hubby. Love it! Hmm, still some organizing to do over on that far wall!

I wish you all a lovely new year brimming with creativity!



  1. Hi, you have had a full complete year, fill with things you love to do ,house moving excluded. You have achieved a great many things and I loved watching them appear.

    Hope next year is as fulfilling xxx

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  2. Hi Lennea, I loved reading what you had been up to each week, I really looked forward to reading your blog, it was all ways funny and informative, I learnt so so much from you what a year you had, then I had the same. I’m still trying to find things, then the family decided we would have Christmas here as it was our first Christmas in our New home, it was more me deciding as no one was doing any thing LOL I have not done any sewing since Sept and I am missing it so much. May be mid Jan will see some thing started? Hugs and Merry Christmas Lennea.

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    1. Oh Glenda Jean! Is not so long since we moved house. Still have things to organize. Christmas at your house? Challenging! I think I went 4 months without sewing when we moved. Torture! Here’s to a new sewing year! Merry Christmas and a hug right back.


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