Come Walk With Me, the Forest Said

Ever finish a quilt and wish you could make it all over again? My Klimt/Shelly quilt is such a quilt. I never tired of it, or got bored. Or wanted a break from it.

I talked about the inspiration for this quilt a couple weeks ago, so this week is a closer look at the details because this quilt speaks for itself.

This piece is 45” x 47” and quilting using a two layers of bamboo batting which gives it a three dimensional feel (physically) and look.

Klimt’s Autumn Birch panel, squared, with background strips. Working on the clamshell layout. I was so inspired by this forest!
I just love this corner!
More clamshells!
Applique quilting done with bright and dark gold metallic thread. Dark at the vase of the clamshells and on the hald circles, bright on the inner rows.
The path into the forest starts to emerge. And a narrow border frames the scene.
Kimono silk provides background quilting with simple curves. I wanted the background quilting to melt into the forest.
Adding subtle emphasis to the path through the forest. using a 40 wt Magnifico in dark gold for the pebbles.
Come walk with me, the forest said…
Bright gold, dark gold and variegated 40 wt used to quilt; kimono silk for background quilting.
Border quilting in 40 wt. bright gold in the half circles; variegated green for the leaves.
The border vines growing towards the forest.

Happy quilting all!



  1. Lennea my dear friend, you have a lovely and blessed gift. It’s breathtakingly beautiful! I love it! I love the colours, their blending is so lovely, the design intricate. Absolutely Stunning! What a fabulous and creative imagination you have., artistic hands and not only only patience, but a reflection of serenity that I would like. Chapeau!
    Take care, my beautiful friend.
    Stay blessed. 🧡🙏

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    1. Thank you! Patience has been a hard earned gift for me. Always I remind myself to enjoy the Journey and not rush to the end. I was a VERY impatient child and it has taken decades to understand the value of patience.

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  2. Reblogged this on Meenaz Lodhi. Blog and commented:
    A beautiful and absolutely stunning quilt, made by my lovely friend, Lennea. Possessed with a fantastic creative imagination and golden hands, Lennea creates gorgeous quilts and other handmade crafts.

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  3. Oh Lennea your art, quilting gift and now writing gift makes it such a joy to visit each week. I hope you never loose your positive out look. Looking forward to see where your artistic eye takes you next. Cheers Glenda From Down Under.

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