Oh, So Deliciously Blue

Sometimes you like the projects that you undertake; sometimes you realize this is not your favorite project; sometimes you fall head over heels in love with each component as you work on them.

Deliciously Blue has been a labor of love from the moment that I started. The more I worked on it; the more enamored I became. I made this pattern (Red Delicious, by Esther Aliu) in red and gold two years ago, loved it and gave it away. As I looked at photos of it once it was gone, I knew I had to make one for myself.

Remaking a pattern is a wonderful challenge. You have navigated the sticky, tricky parts so you know you can do it better. But you also want it to be different and not simply an imitation. It needs to stand on it’s own merit and have it’s own personality.

This time, I knew, I would make it in blues & teals. I painted walls in our new home with periwinkle blue, bold teal and soft sage-y green. This new version should compliment our new home. And I would use with metallic thread and fabrics, because I love “shiny” and had plenty of blues and metallic fabric in my stash.

The background is Moda Peacock Metallic Grunge, a deep and lusciously colored fabric with patches of metallic gold and deep blue. It had been in my stash a while. Kaufman Empress metallic fat quarters and a small yardage, Klimt and some other odds and ends of batik (all in my stash) were used for the appliques. Jason Yenter bits also found their way in and are used for the cherry blossom leaves, some of the cherries, nd the narrow sashing. Once the squares were joined, I purchased the border fabric at a local quilt shop.

Superior Threads variegated gold and variegated silver, along with Magnifico in a deep blue and a variegated Fantastico green/orange used for the applique. MonoPoly was also used for SID, outlining and a bit of the quilting. Superior Threads Kimono Silk thread in pale blue, gold white were used for background quilting, along with navy for the narrow sashing. Superior Threads So Fine 50wt was used for border quilting and the bird square pebbling.

I used the silk thread for backgound quilting – it is very fine, 100wt thread – to make sure that I didn’t overwhelm or distract from the beautiful grunge effects in the background fabric. I started with a size 16 needle and had to go down to a size 14 on my Tiara. That is a small needle size, rarely used, for quilting with a sit down machine.

You can read about the applique work on the individual squares in three earlier blogs from June and July. Although, in reviewing, I see that Block 5 – the fan – was redone. And Block 10 is missing, so here are the applique details for the revised Block 5 and for Block 10 never made it into an earlier post. Here they are!

Silver variegated on the leaves; gold variegated on the flowers. Tiny brown abalone shell buttons.
Silver variegated on the “ties” and blanket stitch; Magnifico on the silver/off white fabric. Abalone shell button in silver/gray.

And some details from the Wave blocks. I could not resist adding some more fishes, they insisted on joining the party! Plus, the metallic thread bubbles were so fun to add. The “bubble” stitch is a deco stitch on my Bernina 480 SE.

A tiny zig-zag in variegated metalic gold on the fishes. A simple outline with a few wavy swirls in light blue silk is used for quilting the waves.

And here are all the blocks, quilted.

I call this the “alligator view”! It is loosely adapted from the original pattern using a border panel print in my stash. The blue dot grunge is also used in the birds square and for the quilt backing. On the top, MonoPoly is used to outline quilt the lily pads and the bud blooms. Pale blue Kimono silk for the fishy waves.
Pomegranate and apples! Back ground quilting in pale blue on top and gold below the “shelf”.
background quilting in pale blue Kimono silk
Glenda’s favorite! the Roses.
Cross hatch, marked out with my ruler for the center cherry basket.
Gold Kimono silk for the cross hatching at 1/2″. MonoPoly following the deco stitch in the tablecloth.
Pale blue silk in the top portion; MonoPoly for the table cloth quilting. Klimt fabric used for the china set.
Look closely and see the steam coming out of the tea spout! Tea time!
The tiny silk thread did not make good pebbles, so I switched to a 50st So Fine. A butterfly visited from the vase block.
The revised “fan” block. A friend thought it was a peacock! It could be… The lace in the center are bits left over from my oldest daughter’s wedding dress, two decades ago.
These are so fun! I added some tiny swirls in the quilting to keep the movement going. Quilted in the white Kimono silk.
The butterflies and fussy cut flowers are both from the Kaufman Empress line. Using the gold metallic variegated here.
Feathers in So Fine 50wt variegated blue for the border quilting. I used the two fabric border for this version. The corner triangles are from the Kaufman Empress fabric used for the vase block flowers and butterflies.

I hope you have enjoyed Deliciously Blue. It was a joy to make.

Happy quilting!



  1. Absolutely beautiful, you can tell you really enjoyed making this. It will go into your new home without a problem. You will enjoy it for years to come. Xxxxxx


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