And Gardening!

What happens when the blogger is betweens? Between a big reveal and satisfying finish? Between one project and the next one?

The Tall Tree is stashed until time to add lights and buttons. The Deliciously Blue is ready to assemble, but I am thinking about a redo on one block. My large queen size log cabin is in the assembling blocks stage. I have a future project in mind, but nothing nailed down yet.

My other summer activity is gardening, so I am sharing a visit with my garden today. We moved into our new home in late April and have been working on getting the yard into shape. It came with established trees including a willow, a 70 yr old cherry tree, a Camellia, three rose bushes and some Rhododendron. We are adding hostas, sunflowers, Columbine, Alstroemeria, Foxglove, Salvia, Lavender, Fuchsia, Heliotrope and Dahlias. Here are some of our favorites so far.


Dahliah, such wonderful diversity.

Sunflower starting to open! Clematis and Salvia next to her.

Mini sunflower
Fuchsia! Dianthus in background.
Blue and Black Salvia, beloved by the hummingbirds.


Hosta in bloom
Rhodie in front yard
Cherry tree in bloom (back in April)

Back to the sewing room! Happy sewing all.



  1. Lennea, does this ever bring back memories of “home”!!!!! [not my home for the past 50 years but who’s counting], all my most loved blooms of growing up. just missing forthisia, dogwood trees and lilacs bushes. beautiful, enjoy.

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  2. Ohhh Lennea what a lovely walk in your garden, such a calming effect on my very turbulent mind right now. It has made me think of my garden and I should go and walk around it. You had some wonderful trees for you canvas and what lovely lovely plantings you have done and how they love there new home they are flourishing. It was like seeing my mums garden again, she lived in NZ where there are 4 seasons not like where I live and theres only 2 seasons, a summer and then a very hot summer all year round LOL Cheers Glenda

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