O Tanenbaum!

This week I am finishing up the Tall Tree! Just returned from vacation eager to finish up my Tall Tree.

First, let’s finish the FMQ. Here are my thread choices.

All are from Superior Threads

First, let’s start with curly swirls for the branches. I like to mark a central spine (like a trunk) for my Tall Tree branches for all my branches to “grow” out of.

Doing curly, ribbony branches on this tree.

Background snow is important too! I am using a silver speckled white on the top 2/3 of the tree and FMQ that area with outlined swirls to simulate blowing snow using a bright white thread. The lower 1/3 background is a white on off-white print and I used an off-white thread to make simple “lumpy lines” to simulate fallen snow.

Closeup of the silver speckles!
The snow is blowing!
The two types of snow…

Next is a deep variegated red for the tree stand/skirt. I wanted something curvy and unexpected and drew a large feather spine for a big, plump paisley swirl. Next a plait along the bottom tree stand/skirt border. Basic brown quilts the tree trunk.

I hadn’t planned to quilt the narrow red border, but I couldn’t resist adding a small feather design in the red.

Little feathers in my narrow border.

The border is stitched in metallic silver, imitating the silver in the border print. For this border, a simple outline of the birds and birches help bring those elements into focus.

And now border and hanging strips in the back to finish! Also, for the lights, a pocket is needed to hold the battery pack. That is added near the center to help the tree hang squarely.

Silver outlining on the border; variegated green for the top stitched border.
I like adding bottom corners for a narrow dowel to make sure this 74″ x 27″ tree hangs well.
And here she is!

I will follow up with the instructions for adding the lights in a future post and will add the buttons for hanging ornaments at that time.

Happy quilting everyone!



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