Oh Baby!

Timeout from appliqué to finish up a small quilt that was designed on EQ8 and the top completed prior to our move. It is now quilted and ready to go to its new home.

This lucky quilt will be a baby’s first handmade quilt and therefore destined to be loved for decades.

I had a message about 6 weeks ago from a cousin asking if I had any baby quilts available. Baby quilts are really just a smaller quilt and I rarely make a quilt specifically for an infant. In addition, our move meant that I had cleared out the excess quilted items that I had on my shelves.

But then I remembered my EQ8 quilt. This was a smallish quilt; large lap size, not quite twin size that I designed to use up some related stash fabrics. The top was done, and pin basted, but it needed quilting and binding. And it was not what many people think of as a “baby quilt” with its intense colors. I sent a photo to cousin Katie.

My design in EQ8.

“Perfect!” she replied. I guess this is why we are cousins. It was time to quilt up this little gem. Our move meant a couple months of no quilting (!!!) and I felt so out of practice. A little quilt full of medallions would help me get back in the swing of things.

And here is the actual quilt!

Variegated Fantastico in deep blue, purple, red, yellow and green seemed to fit with the explosion of color in this quilt and would mean no color changes in my thread. Yay! I stenciled two circles onto each of the 20 squares in the quilt and stitched 20 feathery medallions.

The borders are also feathers, done in Magnifico bright gold. A deep purple binding stitched with lavender thread completes the project.

The backside of the quilt.

This week we are off for a family get together and the quilt will be presented to the newest clan member.

Happy quilting,



  1. Great wee story and so glad that mum loves it all ready and the wee one will treasure it Lennea as its her very own special quilt. Back studying your quilting, I just like the movement in those feathers will try drawing them and playing with them that way first. All my free-motion quilting has been straight lines so far. Thanks so much for sharing in your busy busy life. Cheers Glenda


  2. Drawing, even on paper, can be one way to start on feathers. Some gals fill notebooks with them! I always draw a spine first. Sandra’s videos with feather are quite good. But nothing beats just filling up some space. I was terrified of feathers at first. I made some really ugly ones and then quit for 2 years! Then I got pressured (by Sandra, of course) into getting on with it. And now feathers are in my regular rotation.


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