Three to Get Ready! Oops, 4!

Now that my sewing studio is somewhat functional, it’s time to line up the projects!

First up is to FMQ a quilt that I designed in EQ8 and put together earlier this year.

The EQ8 design

A cousin has a grandchild arriving this month and requested a baby quilt. A baby quilt? Well I have this unfinished quilt available; it’s not a “baby” quilt specifically, I answered. I sent a photo and she replied “It’s just what I had in mind!”.

It’s been several months since I last fired up my Tiara and did some FMQ, and I feeling abominably rusty. But putting medallions in the 20 squares in this little quilt should get me back in the game!

Variegated thread for extra color and fun!

Second up is the Tall Trees project for my Fun With Free Motion Quilting group on FB. I have put together a workbook with the pattern designer’s blessing and we will be making Tall Trees as a group project. My FFMQ partner and I will sew along with the group.

The pattern is available on Cindi’s website, online shops, local shops and Amazon.

Here is my fabric line up:

My four greens!

This is my prep week for this project.

Using my hanging system to organize my sets! 3 cut and 8 to go.

Download the workbook here, or head over to the Fun With Free Motion Quilting FB group or my Babylock Tiara group!

The third project is a promised quilt to start for a friend, but I really need my cutting board completed for this one as I will need hundreds of strip sets, so it is on hold for the moment. Don’t worry, Sammy, I haven’t forgotten!

And 4th is my desire to start up another applique project. One bonus to moving is finding fabric you hadn’t thought about in a while. I am quite taken with this group of fabrics and thinking about which Esther Aliu pattern to use with them. Red Delicious perhaps? And call it Delectably Blue? Perhaps get out the metallic threads for the applique? All I know for sure is that I will use a Moda Grunge for the background. White? Aqua? Blue?

Found fabric in metallics! Time to put them to work!

I love this part of a project where everything is possible and nothing is certain. Savoring the possibilities and getting bursts of inspiration is a lovely place to be.

Happy quilting my friends!



  1. I am so glad your sewing g room is nearly ready to go again. I have missed our interaction with sewing projects . Look forward to you finishing your projects and completing the Xmas tree on with you 😀x

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  2. Oh Lennea you are all most back in to your quilting full on! Love the sound of a Blue Delicious in metallics too! So glad the choice for the babies blanket was spot on, she will love it, and it will be perfect when she goes to Uni one day! Love the trees. Cheers Glenda.

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