Emerging After the Move!

Hello friends!

Yes, it’s been a while since our last visit, almost two months. Where have I been? I have been undertaking that life activity every quilter dreads – moving. And moving complicated by moving during a pandemic and home searching in a seller’s market. Whatever horror stories you have heard; they are all true.

But the move is now complete and we are beginning to see the light at the end of the packing box tunnel. And I miss sewing so very, very much.

Finding a “downsized” home with a large quilting space was certainly challenging but I now have nice large basement area that will perfect when we get the overflow boxes in order. It is a newly renovated older home and while the space is good, there are no closets or shelves in my new sewing studio. This means that we spent a good a number of hours assembling Ikea furniture and filling bins with sewing supplies. I am going to have to get creative and yes, jettison some fabric that is not pulling its weight.

Tiara is ready to rumble! I have a deadline to get this quilted for a baby gift!

I am still unpacking, organizing and arranging, but here is the basic line up. My Tiara in the far corner, with a nice large table next to it; Miss Peacock (my Bernina 480 SE); Ikea cube shelves; Tula (my Bernina 350 Tula Pink edition); a space for the Ikea wardrobe we are working on; more Ikea cube shelves; some old basket shelves that I would dearly love to get rid of and an ironing board that moves around as needed until I figure out where it goes.

Ikea components all assembled!

Think it’s all picture perfect down here?? This is what happens when I photo from the other direction! Still working on it!

Plenty to still organize!

Where is the cutting table? Good question! My old cutting table was a Harbor Freight work bench which was pretty nice, but I have gifted it to hubby for the shop. It was only 24″ deep, which was a challenge for cutting. We found a nice DIY Ikea based cutting table online and hubby offered to make it for me. (Too late to back out now!) This is from the Family Handyman blog. I don’t need a sewing section at the far end, just the cutting space, so the top will made without the end overhang. And dang, Ikea only had the shelves in white in my area. That teal is right up my alley.

In the meantime, I am getting some flowers in the ground before the weather is too hot and enjoying the roses and Rhododendron here at the new place.

Happy sewing all!



  1. SO lovely to have you back telling a story Lennea. Your work space looks HUGE? Love seeing your machines set up like that Love the wooden tables. Give yourself a few more months and it will all fall into place finally. You need to spend time planting too as it will be great therapy been outside. Flooring looks like it will be kind to your legs and feet standing long hours? Take time to smell those flowers too. Cheers Glenda

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