For Love of Tall Trees

Ever find a pattern that you just love and make over and over again? When I find one I like I tend to make it multiple times.

Cindi Edgerton’s Trim the Tall Tree (TTT) and Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree (LBSTT) both fall into this category. I have made two of the smaller ones (now 3!) and two of the larger ones. There are so many ways to customize and embellish this pattern and so many color combos to try that I feel I am just getting started with it.

Tall Trees are paper piecing patters with the sections all printed onto a tissue paper for use on your project. Each pattern, which Cindi sells directly on her website, is $6 for the shorter and $8 for the taller, and contains two sets of paper patterns. Many on line retailers and shops also sell the pattern in addition to local shops. It can be a bit hard to find outside of the US but you might be able to find one on a destash group, eBay or you can contact Cindi directly through her website for international shipping.

The LBSTT was the first paper piecing I ever attempted and I was helped greatly in this effort by a Christmas in July class offered my local quilt shop. Sadly, that shop closed a couple years ago. The class had excellent teachers and great tips for a successful project.

My first LBSTT went to my niece in Ohio.

My first one! Now living at my niece’s house in Ohio.

My first TTT is our annual Christmas Tree and after the first year, I added lights to it.

I love cardinals, so I fussy cut several out and appliqued them on.
Year two with added metallic trim and lights!

This is my Purple Tree, inspired by a holiday display at the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. It is hanging in my hallway as we speak.

My purple tree on the left, and the purple tree at Zoolights on the right. The family has visited Zoolights for almost 30 years and we always visit the purple tree. This was also the year I discovered glitter vinyl and added a glitter vinyl star on top!

My second TTT created for a friend.

I added little glitter vinyl “ornaments”.

The Fun With Free Motion FB group has decided to do a group project making these trees this summer. I am working on a workbook to go along with our quilt along with tips and helps for making this terrific pattern.

A workbook needs a model. I am making the LBSTT for a friend and using this as the workbook model. This friend loves cardinals, as well, so I experimented with fussy cutting cardinals and while I had a few flubs, it is possible! Your fussy cut area needs to be carefully chosen, wrong side facing you under the tissue.

Sewing the sections together.
Be careful not stitch on top of your birds!

Here is the finished LBSTT!

Cardinal and pinecone fussy cut and appliqued, because you can’t have too many cardinals!
Finished model for the workbook.

Cindi has given her blessing to our project and all are welcome to join us. I will release the materials list in 8 weeks and the pattern workbook the first of June.

Happy quilting!



  1. Love your trees Lennea. Sounds like a great sew in, and some thing nice for people to think about while in lockdown. All trees are so different but all are so lovely. Enjoy your workshop. Cheers Glenda

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  2. After living in the PNW for 34 years, I finally made it to ZooLights during a pandemic, but well worth the trip! Although I won’t be making a purple tree, I am looking forward to making a more traditional version for my son and his family. Thanks for putting this together!

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  3. Hi, I am looking forward to doing this project, hope I can do one as lovely and creative as yours .. fabric can be the key and you do have a good choice, love the birds 🐦

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  4. Hello! I’m so glad to have found your post about making this tree!

    I saw the smaller one in a quilt shop in Houston a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it! They didn’t have the pattern in stock and I can’t find one anywhere. After a lot of looking, both online and in actual shops, and calling multiple shops, I have found out that the designer, Cindi, retired at the end of 2021. Unfortunately, nobody seems to have any of these patterns available.

    I know this is a huge ask, but is there any way I could borrow your shorter tree pattern to trace and return to you. I emailed another quilter who suggested that I ask to borrow, as that was how she’d gotten her pattern. If you’re not comfortable to share, I understand, since you don’t know me. Please know that if you are able to loan your pattern to me, I will take extremely good care of it and get it back to you as quickly as possible.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

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    1. Yes, Cindi has retired and stopped making patterns. I have a couple extra and am willing to send you one if you send your address to (and a copy of the instructions as well). And BTW, Cindi has given her blessings to let us trace her patterns now that they are no longer in production.


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