Love Un-Entwined

The quilt top for Love Entwined 2 is now completed. To recap, my concept is to” un-entwine” the strands of love in its very phases. The sense of loss and grief that permeates our lives in the time of the pandemic was a trigger for this very personal journey through 30 years of my life. What emerged was a very modern interpretation of a pattern based on a vintage quilt dating to 1790.

Love Abundant

Love Lost

Love Emerging

Love Renewed

I often use birds and buttons in my applique pieces and Love Un-Entwined was a perfect canvas for both.

Lastly, I added a 1/4″ flange in teal for a break in the “purpleness” of this piece. Now this goes into quilting pile!

Working on this piece has been sheer joy!

Happy quilting all!



  1. Such a journey of your life or parts of it sewn in to your beautiful LE2 Lennea. As you look at each block there’s a story? It’s the stories that have made you who you are now. Thanks for sharing I loved watching the journey unfold. Hugs Glenda


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