Love Un-Entwined

My journey with Esther Aliu’s pattern Love Entwined 2 continues. I started with the first of the four quarters, making the vase and bouquet and was happy with how it turned out. When making the second quarter, I became entranced with using fussy cut flowers from a very pale print used in the zig zag border. But then had to take a break from it part way through the bouquet. How did this grouping relate to the first one? What was this grouping saying to me?

Life during the pandemic is rife with loss. Loss of time with family and friends; loss of our “normal” activities and yes, loss of loved ones. A dear friend passed away in October, unrelated to the pandemic, but the pandemic meant that we had only visited twice in person during the previous 6 months. I rarely see my grandchildren and the visits are all too short. We all know that loss and grief is an aspect of love. As I contemplated, the direction that this quilt wanted to take came into focus.

Love, in its entwined state (wrapped around, woven together), can be translated into a beautiful grouping of blooms. But love un- entwined would show the aspects of love lost and the transitions of the heart. Now there is a direction; a plan. The quilt has spoken! Each quarter is an aspect of love.

Love Lost – The pale bouquet represents love lost. As a woman who was widowed 10 years ago, I have a deep relation with love lost that continues to this day. Deep grief literally robs the world around us of color and meaning. Our heart is broken, our hoped for future forever lost, our memories no longer shared. Our balance in life destroyed.

The heart is cold and at our core, darkness.

Love Emerging – The most recent bouquet illustrates love emerging once more. Colors return bit by bit, new shoots of growth tentatively work their way through us. The pain of loss is lessened and we begin to heal. I ran short of background fabric and had to piece this square. Perfect! As love emerges once more, we are stitched back together. Life slowly returns to our frozen heart.

Giving those hearts an audition! Not yet stitched down.
Glenda’s garden inspired these orchids!

Love Restored – This is the first bouquet I stitched. It represents where I am now in my journey, enjoying my life with my new husband. It’s not the life I had planned to have at this age, it’s not what I expected. But it is beautiful and good, and my broken heart has mended and grown in new unexpected directions.

I love birds and usually include them in my work. These tiny beauties were on fabric that my hubby discovered during a shop visit last winter.

The Anna Hummingbird stays in our area year round and we have numerous visits to our feeder regardless of the weather. The two below are Annas.

The tiny hummingbirds are appliqued using MonoPoly in a tiny zig zag stitch. I love they way appear to fly.

Love Abundant – The 4th quarter will be love before loss; the innocence of the heart unbroken by deep grief; youthful, a bit naive and trusting. TBD – To Be Determined

There is still lots to be done on LE 2 but the foundation is established. I will listen carefully to see where she wants to go next.

Sewing has been my constant companion and comfort for over 60 years. Happy quilting through all your journeys in life.



  1. Hi Lennea! I just love the direction this piece is taking and how it told you where to go. I hope when you label it you can share just a brief bit of its journey. I really LOVE the purple Grunge background that lends to the story/voice as well. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Such a beautiful narrative of your life’s journey Lennea it bought tears to my eyes and at the same time peace as I sat in the garden reading your journey and studied the photos early this morning. Hugs Glenda.

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    1. What a lovely compliment, thank you. We reveal a lot in our work, don’t we? Even when we don’t set out to intentionally do so. Still plenty to do on LE2; still aspects to tell.


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