Tula Returns! And Quilted Trees.

Tula Pink, my Bernina 350 SE that went in for repairs in August and was ultimately sent to the main factory, has returned home! I am thrilled to be able to make this announcement. She is joining Miss Peacock in the sewing room, along with Coco (serger) and Cassandra (Tiara). It’s great to have my little sewing family all together.

While she was away, I moved the sewing room from an unused bedroom into our huge downstairs family room. With the pandemic in full swing, we are no longer entertaining and it seemed a shame to waste all the space. I now have huge windows and a kitchenette in my sewing room! It does mean that my work stations are much further apart. But with stay home orders in effect and winter weather, the arrangement means that I get a little exercise while still sewing.

Miss Peacock and Tula Pink! Tula is set up for applique work.

Our Christmas tress are up! A couple years ago, we switched from actual live trees to quilted trees. So easy to put up, regardless of the weather, and then fold away again at the end of the season.

Here they are, made using the Tall Tree and A Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree patterns from Cindy Edgerton.

Amazon.com: Tall Trim The Tree Pattern: Home Improvement

The Purple Tree is my interpretation of a lighted tree at our local Zoolights display, and is made from the Little Bit Shorter pattern. They have many fancy, complex lighting arrangements. But I have loved The Purple Tree for 30 years and it is still my favorite.

Hanging in the entry hall.

Stitched with lavedar metallic the shine makes the metallic look white in the darker areas.
My purple tree inspiration!

Our “main” tree is full size pattern and fits beautifully over the stationary side of our deck slider door. Last year, I outfitted her with lights by FMQ a circle where the lights needed to go and making a small slit in the middle of the circle. We turn on the lights around sunset, which is 4:22 pm today, until bedtime.

Details! Buttons are for hanging ornaments. Haven’t got those up yet. The green is a varigated high gloss Fantastico.
O Christmas Tree!

And finally, the first quilted tree wall hanging I ever made. It’s a simple pattern that I found in a magazine. This was 2001, just following the 9/11 attack in the US. I made one for each of my 7 siblings and for each of my children. I used stash, scraps and made a good dent in my button box.

Next year, I plan to make quilted tree. Perhaps one for each room?

Happy quilting all.



  1. Lennea the thing that jumped out at me was your fabulous curtain??? !!! Is it a antique crocheted table cloth?? Love your tree with the lights on, great idea to add the lights. Mus tadmit the purple tree is a WINNER!


    1. It is just a simple lacy look curtain. And inexpensive, but they look terrific on the big windows. They are on three more windows in that big room and let the outdoors shine through!


  2. Hi Lennea! Oh, I am a huge fan of the purple tree. I can definitely see the inspiration from the light show. How handy that the bigger tree fits so nicely on the patio door. I’m certain you’re enjoying all the additional space and possibly more distractions from being in the family room. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. What a great idea of having cloth Christmas trees. We usually have a 4′ tree (or so) on a table but opted to put up the full size tree this year. While at it, I purged ornaments we don’t like or have fallen apart or just don’t want any more. I really like your purple tree. It certainly looks like the ZooLights tree. Glad all your machines are back home and contributing to your sewing pleasure.


  4. Hi Lennea, it great that all your machines are home and working, the space you have for them is great, love all your trees I also like the purple 💜 one .love seeing them 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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