The Nerd Quilt Reveal!

I have been remiss! In checking my posts, I realized that the final Nerd Quilt was never revealed. Mea Culpa!

To recap: The Nerd Quilt was designed for my 16 year old grandson in EQ8 and has nice big squares to show off the circut board fabric from Spoonflower in three colors. Two different variegated blue threads are used for the border, sashing and setting triangles. Magnifico in black is used for the squares. A variegated green Fantastico is used for the inner border. There is lots of quilting, but what you see is the fabric and design.

My grandson received his quilt yesterday, with anticipation and glee! So let’s look at the final reveal.

94″ x 74″ Spoonflower circuit print plus Moda grunge dots for sashing, borders and binding.

This is a tough quilt for photography and the quilting is a bit difficult to see, but we will do our best.

Plaits in the sashing and a fin feather in each corner setting triangle.
Blocks were done sample style, with corkscrews and swirls in alternating rows.

Swirls in this row of blocks.
The binding was machine stitched for sturdiness in a three stitch zig zag.
The outer border is a spiky, masculine feather in a variegated blue Fantasico. I marked the spine with a Fons & Porter ceramic marker.
The backside. Lovely texture!
Outer border feather; swirls in the inner border; fin feather setting triangle.
The aqua setting triangles are quilted with a traditional feather.

It has been fun to create my grandson’s dream Nerd Quilt. He chose the fabric pattern and basic color scheme (deep blue and green which suspiciously aligns with the regional soccer team colors!). I added the aqua and contrast tone grunge for sashing cornerstones to bump up the contract and visual interest. It has great texture and is a nice and masculine while being aesthetically pleasing.

Happy quilting all!



  1. Hi, well,you nailed that quilt, it came out brilliant I bet he was well chuffed. Great present from a very creative grandmother love it 😀


  2. Hi Lennea! Fabulous, fabulous quilt. I adore the fabrics and the quilting just adds some whimsy and movement. Your grandson did a great job picking out the fabrics that coordinate well. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. Lenna you nailed it! How masculine it looks, strong and powerful, He will love it through his UNI years and onwards. Thanks so so much for the close ups of the quilting , it’s given me so much food for thought on my new adventure of machine quilting, simple but so effective. Don’t know how you get such lovely smooth curves curve after curve? Hugs

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    1. Simple can be very effective! It doesn’t need to be complicated. Like everything else, it is about PRACTICE. FMQ takes a lot practice. When I started, I realized that I only needed to learn to do ONE thing. You can make a great quilt doing one thing. I finally got a decent swirl and spent two years just quilting swirls before getting brave and venturing out into other things. So I better be able to do a curve! Lol. Thank you Glenda!


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