Applique Interrupted

No blog last week. There were several reasons, including working on rehabbing our large deck with my hubby. There are also two projects that I am working on for my Babylock Tiara and Fun With Free Motion Quilting groups that are, for one more week, top secret.

And then there is the fact that my primary sewing machine, which does beautiful applique, my Tula Pink Bernina 350 SE, is in the shop. This leaves me with a backup vintage Bernina, which is fine for piecing, apparel and totes. And my serger, and my Tiara sit down quilter.

I am definitely suffering from Interrupted Applique as I was just beginning work on Love Entwined 2 (LE2), my current Esther Aliu project, when Tula Pink suffered her breakdown. Normally, my local shop returns a machine in 7-10 days but we all know that “normally” is no longer a thing. The shop was closed for a solid 4 months due to the pandemic and there is now a work load backup. My lovely little machine has experienced a motherboard failure and now a part must be ordered with an additional 1-2 week wait. And we all know that snail mail is moving even slower than “normal”.

This was as far as I had gone…the central compass of the design was done and I was putting some details on when Tula Pink said “help”! and I had to stop.

My LE 2 Center.

The original LE2 background. I loved it, but it was just too flimsy.

When a project is halted, other factors come into play. The lightweight backing that I had selected for suddenly seemed too flimsy for this demanding piece. So a nice sturdy grunge background is now selected.

Lavender grunge background audition.

Components of one corner have been traced and fused and cut out, but not affixed to the background.

Stems have been made, but now LE2 must be shelved as I wait to get my Tula Pink back. I am moving onto some of my backlog, including getting back to the quilting on my Carpenter Square Log Cabin.

Happy quilting to all.



  1. Your days are full, but at the moment hampered, sorry your machine is in the hospital hope she comes back soon as I know you love her. Your applique is beautiful and I love the new colour.
    Along with the other daily trails that are hitting your part of the world I truly wish you and hubby well. I hope things begin to settle and a new normal lets you continue with the decking, and you passion of quilting. Cant wait till next blog hopefully on a better note, take care 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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  2. Good morning! I’m so sorry your machine had to go to the spa. And for so long – waaa. It’s like a part of you is missing, isn’t it?! Some days I couldn’t care less if I could sew or not, but if my machine is missing then for sure I really WANT to sew. I think I like the Grunge background better than the first. It certainly compliments the central compass and its points nicely. Thanks for linking up today! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  3. Lennea, you and I were kindred applique spirits last week! I was also doing machine blanket stitched applique with my Bernina 475QE, using a Grunge background fabric. Except that I made myself absolutely miserable with it, trying to do it with freezer paper and turned edges and oh my gosh that freezer paper did NOT want to come out afterwards… I have never tried raw edge fusible applique, out of fear that it would make my applique stiff and also worry that the raw edge would unravel over time (my current project is for a baby quilt that will get heavy wear and frequent washing). But I love the look of blanket stitched applique and would like to do more of it. I also have the Love Entwined pattern but haven’t started it yet. Can you tell me what kind of fusible web you use? Are these projects suitable for bed quilts that will be washed? And finally, when you use fusible web for your applique, do you find that you need to use a tearaway stabilizer beneath your fabric for the machine blanket stitch, or does the fusible web give enough stability on its own? Your project is looking beautiful already. I hope your Tula Pink comes back to you soon!


  4. I use Heat n Bond Lite. Be sure to get the Lite! I tried the regular and ugh, it was stiff and hard to stitch through. For a bed quilt, I prefer the turned edge as I worry about raveling edges also, but instead of freezer paper, I use an an iron on and washout product called Wash Away Applique Sheets, similar to one that Esther Aliu uses. You iron on and cut a scant 1/4″ from the fusible product and turn the edges. It stays in place and washes away over time. I find it easier and quicker than freezer paper. I do love doing Heat n Bond Lite for raw edge for wall hangings or a decorative quilt. It depends on the fabric whether I need a stabilizer. A grunge or sturdy batik does not need stabilizer with it. LE has a lot of rather small pieces, so I am doing primarily raw edge fused, although I turned the edges on the Lily piece and I always do bias tape for the stems. Thank you for your questions; it’s so fun to talk about applique!


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