Quick Quilting on the Quick Quilt!

And now my deadline is screaming towards me! Time to get the quick quilt quilted!

I did SID on the square blocks and each HST pair, and around both the borders. Once you have SID, it really frees up moving your quilt around and you can stitch anywhere you like. I needed this done quickly, so opted for motifs that I am familiar with done in a larger scale than I use on my wall hangings. I did include a new-to-me motif, the featherette, which is taught by Cindy Needham.

First up was everything in the purple twist except the outside borders. I started with large, loopy feathers in the purple HSTs in the middle row and then a fern-like feather in the second row of purple HSTs. The smaller end of row HSTs are quilted with featherettes.

back of quilt, where you can see the fern feathers.
back of quilt with the feathers on the purple

Next up was teal twist and swirls swirls in the large teal squares. The teal HSTs were marking with ceramic marker down the middle and feathers traveling along each bias cut side. The teal squares were quilted using swirls.

Teal swirls
White featherettes and teal feathers.

White followed, with a double tear drop filler on the flowered squares. The white HSTs were marked with a Clover Blueline water soluable marker in the middle and then the middle again to create featherettes that tilted towards each other.

Tear drops in the flowered squares, fern feather in the purple HST, feather s in the teal and featherettes in the white.

The first border has cubby feathers, which are repeated on the outside border. Tomorrow is binding day and then this quilt will be off to its new home with my former co-worker. I really enjoyed my quick EQ8 creation and will likely use this pattern again when I get a call for a “quick quilt”!

The larger scale quilting created a nice texture, without the stiffness of heavy quilting.
57″ x 72″ and ready to bind.

The featherettes were “new”, but now I have done 46 of them!

Happy quilting!



  1. Great quilting, you are a brave lady to do a new quilt design on a quilt Lennea, I guess after 46 of them they are no longer new to you LOL They are lovely and look lovely in that space.


  2. This little quilt came out fabulous. Love the colours and design. You really are good at designing them. I know your friend loved it to xxxxx


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