Working on the Big Quilt

Oh the joys of FMQ on a wall hanging, where in 2 days or certainly 3, you have completed your project. The Big Quilt joys are more subtle; ticking down the number of blocks left to quilt, and carefully removing the mountain of quilt from under the needle to gauge “what it really looks like”. This may take a couple weeks!

Thirty-two blocks are now completed out of 64 total, plus the borders yet to do. To recap, This is a Firefox design (carpenter square log cabin) which I put into EQ8 for fabric selection. It will be our new master bedroom quilt.

The four corners (a grouping of 3 blocks each corner) are done in feather wreaths in two tones.

Medallion with a spider web center. Yes, it is two different colored threads, but hard to tell in the photo!

The 8 squares that make up each side of the quilt have a half feather motif with large loopy feathers on one side and a curly feathering on the opposite side. I used Cindy Needham’s Ultimate stencil to mark the half circles.

Using a Clover Blue Line water soluable marker.

My Tiara set up for the Big Quilt!

You can see the three corner blocks on each end, with the two half circle section (which are two blocks each).

Four wheat colored squares are on the top are quilted with feather wreaths in gold with a featherette center.

Gold thread on the wheat gold block.
Feather medallion with featherette center.

This wraps up the 32 squares, or half the quilt. Still remaining are two large wheat gold areas and the dark areas to quilt. Still pondering the options! The borders will curvy feathers.

Happy quilting all.



  1. Hi, you method for getting though this quilt is awesome. You are doing great and the end product will make all worth while. Love everything about this quilt from fabric choices to the quilting looking forward to seeing it completed xxx

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  2. Oh my gosh Lennea I’m exhausted just reading what you are doing, its going to be an amazing quilt, love the different elements and each will complement the other. Thanks for taking the time to share how you are doing this, it’s a wonderful tutorial. Cheers Glenda


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