Isaac’s Quilts!

Finished up the “Nerd Quilt” top this week. Once again, the garden/yard is stealing too many hours from my quilting, but this top is now in the finished pile and waiting to be sandwiched. Fortunately, I have some black batting in the cupboard and picked up backing for this one at the Feb Stitch & Sew Expo.

The Nerd Quilt is for my first grandchild and only grandson, Isaac. He will be 16 later this year. It started me thinking about the quilts I have made him throughout the years. When he was born, I had only made very simple, large square quilts which I tied. His was one of the earliest walking foot quilts that I made. Do I have a photo? No. But it is still in his room.

I decided, as I start making quilts, that each grandchild would get a baby quilt, a quilt at 5 years old, one at 11 years old and another at 16 years old. Here is a retrospective of Isaac’s quilts.

Isaac’s 5 yr quilt was a beachy design that I made up. When he was small, my late husband and I often took him on walks along the beach. This was walking foot quilted on my old White domestic machine.

The 11 yr quilt was a Star Wars themed with a modified log cabin. This one was made early in my FMQ journey, with a strange “crab claw” motif that was almost a stipple. I had just bought my Tiara sit down machine and was trying to figure out how to FMQ! The lime green narrow shashing is meant to represent light saber flashed.

so I am particularly happy that he will now have one displaying some FMQ panache! He was a true Star Wars fan and watched both older and newer movies with devotion.

The fabric for the 16 yr quilt is from Spoonflower with a circuit board design for my nerdy grandson. He is quite excited about it and had fun picking out the circuit design and the colors.

Quilt backing

It’s not easy to get a good color reproduction on the Nerd Quilt. For some reason, further away seems to work better. It is 85″ by 95″ to fit his double bed. A bit long, but that means extra for snuggling!

The Nerd Quilt now goes into the pile to be quilted. I have a black batting picked out for the sandwich from Winline. There aren’t a lot of black battings available and I love their bamboo products, so am giving this a try. It’s a 60/40 poly cotton blend with a soft feel and good drape.

Happy quilting to all! Lennea


  1. Hi Lennea! What a fun post. I love hearing about the retrospect of Isaac’s quilts. That Star Wars quilt looks pretty nifty and the lightsaber sashing was quite creative. I just know her loves being covered in his Grandma’s love each and every night. I’ve never tried the bamboo batting but would like to. Thanks for linking up this week! ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Morning Lennea, what a lucky young man the his Gran has made hime so many quilts. I wonder what 21years old one will look like LOL Love the Nerd quilt it looks so stunning lying there in all its glory. Lovely to read his life in quilts. Hugs Glenda


  3. Hi, at last I got to read this, I bet the grands just love your quilts they do look great. Each one unique to be treasured. I think the Nerd quilt fabric is fantastic and I sure he will love it.
    Keep posting I love the insight to your life xxxxx

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