Blooms and a Finish

Last week’s blog blooms were very popular and I made a promise to show more this week. We are so fortunate to have this beauty right in our own yard and I am happy to share it!

Such a wonderful delicate shade of pink!
The pink Rhodie is about 15′ tall! It’s close to 50 years old.
So red! So very, very red. It amazes me.
I love the intense red against the delicate pink. They are right next to each other.
Love these trumpet shaped blooms.
Apple blossoms!
The apple trees are just about done blooming. We have to old varieties, Northern Spy (on the left) and Spartan. Northern Spy is small, deep red and sweet. The Spartan is my favorite. It’s a good sized apple light red with a yellow blush, extra crisp, tangy and they make wonderful apple butter.
Another 50 year old plant (two actually) about 15′ tall with small, luminous purple blooms.

Red Delicious is finished.

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Fussy cut and stitched with MonoPoly, the hummingbird is happy to visit my roses.
Yes, the vase is a solid piece of fabric. A very lucky find!
This reminds me of old teapot I used to have.
I loved making this fan and using some crazy quilt techniques. I am thinking about making a whole quilt of these fans!
Happy quilting everyone! Lennea


  1. Such a wonderful blog Lennea, have been so so busy this week I did not open it till I could sit and enjoy it. I so enjoy visiting you here, its all ways so peaceful. You flowers are stunning and so os enjoy bale to study. SO lovely to see your beautiful RD finished, one very very beautiful quilt.

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    1. Such a lovely sentiment! As you know, I meant to do only a block a month, by RD just pulled me in and I couldn’t stop! It was challenging and a lot of fun. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it.
      The Rhodies will be blooming for a while. They last quite a while and now that some are fading, there are later varieties starting their blooming.


  2. Hi, where do you find the time and energy to keep up with both , your garden is blooming beautifully.
    Your quilting is blooming (lol) fabulous . I adore both

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