75th Blog!!

Yes, this is my 75th blog post! It definitely feels like a milestone.

So what is up this week? I have taken a break from making masks and am back to quilting. There is a bit of a back log of FMQ that needs to be done as I did not attempt FMQ right after my cataract surgery. The backlog includes: applique projects Hope, Nelke and Red Delicious and my carpenter square log cabin. All are sandwiched and ready for action.

I also have some solid satin tops that I have been adding a neckline detail with deco stitching. These durable, washable hammered satin tops are comfy and go with everything, but I do like embelishing them. I reached into the sewing studio closet and finished up these:

A water soluable stabilizer was used on the back and then I tossed them into the laundry.

Then my youngest phoned, wanting a bright table runner to perk up her little apartment. Her kitchen is red, so I found some white and red grunge and a cute print and made up some 6″ HSTs. I sent photos of several layouts and she selected the pinwheel layout. Keeping it simple, I stitched some feathers to enhance the pinwheels. This took a day, so back to my FMQ pile.

First up on my Tiara is Nelke, an Esther Aliu pattern. Northcott Stonehenge fabric left over from a previous project were used for the flowers, leaves and birds. (This is why the flowers don’t match! But I like the effect.) Grunge white is used for the background and you can see faint patches of green in the grunge. Grunge aqua was used for the flange and binding. Leftover aqua chevron wideback from a previous project was used for the backing. I added a hanging sleeve for easy display. It finished at 30″ x 30″.

The applique was outlined in MonoPoly and the seams stitched. I didn’t want the Celtic knot border print obscured by thread, so I used MonoPoly on the border as well and followed the outside of the knot designs. White Magnifico, high sheen thread from Superior Threads is used for the outlining and McTavishing.

Happy quilting to all! Lennea


  1. Hi Lennea! Congrats on your 75th blog post. That is quite a milestone. I love the red and white table runner you came up with for your daughter. Pinwheels are a favorite of mine but you really cannot go wrong with HTS in any layout. Great job. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Morning Lennea lovely blog. First up bless you for the close ups. Love those satin tops, I need to make my self in some of my kimono fabrics so i can just pull them over my head, so easy. Your Nelke is stunning. Just LOVE it, love the colours and the finish with that wide stunning Celtic border. It sure was a great start to my morning seeing your Nelke first up. Happy stitching Glenda

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  3. Your feather quilting is so beautiful — do you stitch them totally free hand? Any marking first or do you just go for it? My feathers always look like ogre toes so I have to save them for scary Halloween quilts!

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    1. Thanks so much, Rebecca! These are free hand stitched feathers. I used to be terrified of feathers. Tried them a couple times and then gave up for about a year. Like everything else, it just takes practice. Lots of ogre toes and bananas until they finally fell into place! It helps me to do either a leafy feather or the ones here with a little double bump on top and now I do them all the time. They should come out with a 45 degree angle to the spine. I find doing them along a straight line easier than a curved line, but I am working on those too. Thanks so much and happy quilting!


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