Has it Been a Week?

Another week has flown by. In this timeless space we live in now, weeks are somehow both shorter and longer.

The weather has finally warmed, so some of my time is now spent in the garden and with our small acreage, there is much to be done. I am currently trying to find the edge of the driveway under the pine needles and overgrowth while hubby battles blackberries in the back yard. Here are some of our blooms; albeit several weeks later than last year.

I completed my second miniBOM using stash fabric. The fabulous birds on flowers with black background was discovered by my hubby, who insisted I buy some. The batik is from stash from a shop that closed a few years ago.

It is quick work making little log cabin squares of 1.5″ strips using only two colors (plus the little center squares). The blocks build quickly and very little worry about getting them in the wrong order with limited colors. This is helpful, because I admit to being a bit distracted lately.

As with the previous miniBOM, I am using Monopoly on the dark sections and doing feathers and swirly feathers on the light sections in white Magnifico. The FMQ goes quickly on these little 28.5″ quilts.

The binding goes quickly as well by top stitching them in a contrast color using a deco stitch.

Like every quilter I know, there have been numerous masks to make for family and friends. Here is a little hint on how I put in a nose wire, using my cording foot and zig zag stitch. I have been making both the pleated and duck bill masks, so it provides a little variety in the work.

This little trick with the cording foot really makes the job easier! Hope it is helpful.

Happy quilting and sewing everyone! Lennea


  1. Wow, where do you live?? We got several inches of snow on Easter, and some more flurries yesterday and today! (Western WI, 30 miles from Twin Cities, MN)

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  2. Hi there, the quilts are lovely. Its nice to visit your blog. I find it very entertaining.
    By the way, I am new in blogging and I hope you can support me. Just recently, I made a challenge to myself to visit at least 10 blogs for the next 21 days. As I visit blogs, I will leave comment and put your link on my blog too. Hope you can visit my blog too.
    I followed your blog too.


  3. Just looking at your garden flowers, love the colours, it also goes well with you quilt, also beautiful. It is an ingenious idea to zig zig the nose wire. Guess that is why I love your blog. It let’s me into your life a little bit ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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