Slow Sewing

Twelve days Have passed since my first cataract surgery and 4 days since my second surgery. My new distance vision is amazing. And everything seems to be in 3-D! I guess we don’t notice how “flat” our vision gets as cataracts slowly worsen. Colors are a bit lighter and brighter and the sun is sunnier.

My closeup vision, however, is challenging. It’s improved but I still have astigmatism, which makes things fuzzy. I have tried all my old glasses and I can’t see well with any of them. Fortunately, I found a 12 or 13 year old pair of prescription readers that I can see to read and sew with until my next appointment in April for new glasses.

This makes for slow sewing. I have put FMQ aside until I have some glasses as I need multiple distances and accurate depth perception for that skill. The wait for a new exam for glasses is 4 weeks, so it will be a while longer. Applique is the answer, but I do have to limit time to a couple hours a day.

Fittingly, the pattern is called Hope by Esther Aliu. I originally planned to use a batik for background fabric, but an aqua metallic grunge length in the cupboard insisted upon playing a starring role in this quilt. Several in the Esther FB group are using Jason Yenter fabrics and I have a small stash of JY, so I decided to use them in this project. Lots of fun in seeing how we all use them differently in our creations. Raw edge goes more quickly, but somehow I ended up going with turned edge, so more slow work.

I am using Superior Threads new dark gold metallic to complement the metallic grunge.


Spring is trying to come early and we have plants starting to bloom, despite our snow fall this week and freezing morning temperatures. Here are a few of the brave blooms.


  1. Thank you for a lovely beautiful blog Lennea. Your big blooms are stunning, can see why you used both, would of been so hard to choose one over the other. They make your circle zing. Great idea to use that stencile to get a perfect circle!!!!! Hope the next 4 weeks fly by for you.
    Cheers Glenda


    1. Thanks so much Glenda! I am just hoping my eye doc will be open then! Everything is on lock down here, including dentists. And thank you the lovely compliment on my blooms. The JY fabric is so beautiful to work with.


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