Sneaky Red Delicious & Sewing Expo!

I really meant to put Red Delicious away and work on another project, but it is sneaky! It refused to be set aside and Block #8, which I was stuck, on suddenly demanded attention.

The birds are fussy cut and raw edge fused with Heat n Bond Lite. MonoPoly is used to applique the hummingbird and part of the second bird. I used a flange for the dividing fabric, rather than a narrow piece of raw edge for a clean look with dimension. I am leaving the bottom fabric without applique so that I can do some nice feathery FMQ in that section.

And now Block #9 has crept in! The pink batik was selected specifically for the cherry blooms after I spotted it in a local shop. I am loving the look of this block. The slender twig and vein are formed with a sliver of green batik and I have stitched over the center with both red and green variegated threads. The frame was a great spot for one of my Kaffe charm squares; just the right size and I love the mood it creates in this block.

I have started adding the sashing to my blocks as I can never wait to the end to compile everything. I am using a moda grunge vanilla dot for the spaces between blocks and sashing to add some interest and bring in more of my gold accent color. The pattern calls for an applique swirl design in these spaces, but I am leaving them open as I want to add some flashy red feather FMQ stitching in these spaces.

We took time out to attend the Puyallup Stitchery & Sewing Expo last weekend, which was about an hour’s drive south of us, at the WA State Fairgrounds. I had my list and did a good job sticking with it. I picked up some Soft n Stable for making tote bags from the byAnnie booth. Picked up thread and Class M SuperBob prewound bobbins from the Superior Threads booth. New blue line markers (both thin and thick) for marking quilting and applique lines were found at the Clover booth. My best bargain was a length of cork for a mere $5.00!

I visited the Winline booth for 10 yards of my favorite bamboo batting (96″ wide). Winline is the only company making 100% bamboo batting.

Wide back is always a good deal at the expos, and I picked up one for stock on hand and one for my grandson’s planned quilt in a deep blue. As I was carrying my wide back to the checkout, a few grunge 1 yd cuts caught my eye and insisted on coming home with me.

Fabulous glitter grunge dots!

A chat with the Floriani rep about stabilizers for applique yielded Appli-Stick which is fused to fabric for applique and has a sticky backing for positioning and re-positioning your applique. This sounds like awesome stuff. She also recommended TearAway stabilizer specifically for quilting/applique. Looking forward to trying out these new-to-me products and will report back on them. The rep was very kind in giving me a Floriani sample booklet with all the products attached so that I know exactly what each product is like.

My splurge this year was at the Pendleton booth. We spotted a poncho made up in a delicious Pendleton wool and I picked up the pattern. Hubby spotted a deep teal Pendleton wool and insisted I order some for the poncho. At 35% off for the expo, the price was the right, so that is on order, which saved hauling it around the show floors.

Final purchase was 5 yards of mid-weight flannel at the Vogue counter which will be used for PJ bottoms for family members.

Sewing as fast as I can as my cataract procedures are scheduled for March 4th and March 12th! Happy sewing everyone. Lennea


  1. Hi Lennea! Oh gosh, you will be having surgery tomorrow. Good luck with it and {{hugs}}. You rocked the expo and came home with some great buys and products. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. One eye done and it is almost working, although my glasses are now useless! Using some old prescription reading glasses for sewing and reading. But still sewing! Thanks for the good thoughts! Lennea

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  2. I love your updates, I look forward to them, you have really been busy and you trip to the sewing show really turned up trumps great purchase. Waiting to see the fabric for your poncho. Hopw all goes well on the 4th and 12th . Looking forward to your next update ♥️♥️♥️

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