A Change of Pace

One more Red Delicious block done, #6. Roses on long stems, which required rummaging in the stash to find the right dark green stems. This is deceptively simple block. It’s simplicity means that contrast is key and I pulled a very dense, dark green that had been waiting patiently in my fat quarter stash.

A couple of my Kaffe squares brightened up the rose buds and roses, which are rather fiddley being made up of small pieces. If I was making this again, I would make them all buds, but all in all I am happy with the block. There is a twirl at the center of two of the roses, which I FMQ’d on my Bernina rather than my large sit down machine. This block is rather labor intensive, due to the long, thin rose stems.

And now I must turn (or rather yank) my attention to another project, a custom smoking jacket. I am so immersed in RD, but time is not on my side and I must put RD aside to work on this jacket. This change of pace is always wrenching for me, but I will soon be immersed in the jacket, with only occasional thoughts of RD dancing through my head.

The smoking jacket is a special request from a pipe carver from Missouri who makes exquisite long-stemmed pipes (not unlike those roses mentioned earlier). If you follow me, you know that hubby and I are tobacco pipe hobbyists. Scottie Piersel https://www.instagram.com/p/B76_Ei5nreL/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link has been thinking about a jacket for a while and in Nov requested that I custom make one for her.

I have made about half dozen of this style jacket to date, and decided it was time that I had some fitting garments in two different sizes. Made in a cotton/linen blend and based on measurements provided by the client, I can send a fitting garment closest to their size and then make adjustments for a good fit. My fitting forms (I have two sizes) are also adjusted to the client measurement and hopefully will result in good long distance custom sewing fit for them and experience for me. (Long distance custom sewing can be a bit nerve wracking!)

She chose a deep colbalt blue brocade synthetic knit for her jacket. Because this is a single color jacket, I am adding FMQ on the collar and pockets for interest and contrast. FMQ on the brocade knit proved to be a bit challenging. Using a thin batting alone with the lining produced puckery swirls. Adding interfacing with out the lining fabric also produced a puckering. But then my applique experience kicked in, and I added a water soluble stabilizer between the fabric and batting. Voila!

Now I am ready to proceed with putting Scottie’s jacket together. Time is an issue because I have discovered that I will need cataract surgery very soon. My evaluation appt is Thursday and a surgery date will be set at that time. Then a recovery period before I receive new glasses and can see well enough to do detail work. Scottie’s jacket is due the first weekend in May at the Chicagoland Pipe Show (the national show for the US) and I want to make sure it is ready for her.

Happy sewing to all! Lennea


  1. Hi Lennea! OOOOOOOH. That red rose on the dark green stem is just fab.u.lous. Seriously. You selected just the perfect fabrics to represent this rose in all of its simple perfection. And the smoker’s jacket fabric? Equally perfect – I didn’t know anyone wore a smoker’s jacket these days. It is so cool that you were asked to make one! I look forward to seeing it complete. Just perfect for a Pipe Show!! I think you will enjoy sewing even more after your cataract surgery. I’ve had several friends that have recently had it – but it is a little scary to think about. {{Hugs}}. Thanks for linking up today. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. WOW great tutorial Lennea what a great learning curve on your tutorial of RD . Thanks so much for sharing so many stages, loved the wee circle in the top of the roses, glad you didn’t do all buds your roses are beautiful. Those stems are a master stroke in the Dark green. Looking forward to seeing these smoking jackets. Cheers Glenda

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