Two Finishes and a Start

We are at the end of a record breaking rainy month, which means lots of time spent in the sewing room. I was able to make headway on a couple of earlier projects including:

1) Completing the Frond Design Studio table runner. I may need to keep this onet! This is a narrow section of the panel completed last month, with batik borders to make a table runner. The batting is Quilter’s Dream Supreme, a high loft 100% batting that gives good stability for wall hangings and runners. Using a dark variegated Superior Threads Fantastico, it was play time! I decided to practice long, deeply curved feathers which are a challenge for me. And it was no holds barred feathers, with swirls and twirls. Such fun.

2) Completing the Lily Rose Blue quilting. This little quilt knew exactly how she wanted to be quilted! All the space outside of the frame was intentionally kept blank for feathers, rather than adding the pattern applique components. So Fine, 50 wt in Lace (the color name) was used for the background quilting, starting with small feathers all around the frame interior. The thinner weight thread is nice for the McTavishing background quilting as it does not take attention away from the applique.

A larger feather border using Superior Threads Twist in a deep teal and Fantastico (both 40 wt) threads adorns the exterior of the frame. This required three passes with the thread, my first time doing a multi-thread feather. The Twist feathers were stitched down first, followed by the interior feather echo and tear drop in the Fantastico. The third pass with the Twist decorates the feather interior.

I found this little bird in a charm square and have to have him in my piece.

The corners are feathered using the Fantastico.

Bobbin thread used is Superior Threads pre-wound M size in deep blue and white.

I am including photos of the back side of the quilting as well as the front, because it turned out so well.  Lily Rose Blue has a hanging sleeve and is ready for display!

Enter a caption

3) Red Delicious. Yes, I know, my sewing calendar is already booked for most of the year, but…but…there is always room for one more and this little beauty from Esther Aliu stole my heart. It took a deep dive into my stash to rustle up some reds as Red Delicious uses primarily red and I grabbed a few “almost, kind of” reds. There aren’t many, but I am supplementing with a Kaffe charm pack. The first block is of a couple of birds feasting on cherries. So fun to make!

Happy quilting to all! Lennea



  1. Hi Lennea! Oh yes, those swirls and feathers on your tablerunner are just perfect. That’s exactly what I think of for quilting lilies and such. It sure turned out fabulously. I think I would definitely have to keep it. It seems like you just started the Lily Rose blue piece and here it is finished. Such a nice job all the way around. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Thank you Rosanne. And yes, it’s a keeper! Lily Rose practically quilted itself. It’s small about 24 x 27″ and I was sad to see it finish so quickly. Is that crazy?


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