Time for Two Totes!

My weekend guests bought two of remaining three tote bags, so time to make a couple more!

First I cut the basic rectangles for the bag shapes, and then the pocket pieces, mesh and foam pieces. The fabric and lining are then serged with the foam in the middle. The corners are cut out and zigzagged. The pockets are assembled and straps cut to length. It’s as easy to do two as one, so I usually do two at a time, which means I can use the same thread for both.

Here are the first two, laid out and ready for assembling.


Now it’s time to assemble. Each are personalized with different mesh and strap colors. One will be a tall and one a horizontal orientation with a closure with the double pockets on the exterior.  The tall ones are great for shopping and hauling. The wider ones are good for diaper bags, knitting bags and traveling.

For a full tutorial on making a tote bag, see my blog post from June 4th. https://lemagbag.com/2019/06/04/tote-bag-how-to/.

Oops, I made 4. Well that how it is with tote bags! Happy sewing!


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  1. Hi Lennea! HAHA – oops, you made four. I cannot say that ever happened to me, mostly because I’ve not gotten bitten by the tote bag bug yet. You sure selected some CUTE fabrics for your totes! You’re going to inspire me to give them a try one of these days, in spite of my best efforts to ignore the cuteness. ~smile~ Roseanne

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