Queen’s Garden in 2020, # 1

Friends of ours (Let’s call them S&B) have requested a Queen’s Garden (QG) quilt. This is what happens when friends use your guest room and fall in love with the quilt! S&B want the same color scheme I used, so the challenge here is to make a similar but still unique QG. This was my first Esther Aliu project and a really fun quilt to make.

Queen’s Garden by Esther Aliu
A border to extend the basic pattern to Queen sized (93 x 93″) was added using log cabin blocks with corner applique blocks. A narrow purple border was then added.

This will be a purple/green/gold combo, so making the most of my stash to source all the applique fabrics. Fitting the QG to a queen size bed means adding a substantial border and I will again use a basic log cabin design for the borders. This time around, I am using my EQ8 software to design my border and corner blocks, which will give me precise block size and yardages for my borders. (These are representational fabrics, not the actual fabrics I am using.)

Because this is a major project, I am going to commit to doing 1-2 blocks/sections per month and aim for a year end finish. This will be a regular once a month blog entry for 2020.

Here are the fabrics from stash pulled to use in the QG 2020 project.

Three of these were used in my original QG. The remainders are from a layer cake in stash.
Gold accent and leaf fabrics. The two on left were in the original QG.

Now my task is find a background and sashing fabric. Fabrics are pulled and now we will see which remain and which fall by the wayside.

Always listen to your quilt!

Happy sewing to all! Lennea


  1. Good morning, Lennea! I can see why your guests fell in love with the quilt. It looks just beautiful on your guest bed, and I can only imagine how nice it is to sleep underneath it. I just adore how you extended the sides with the log cabin blocks and then the beautiful corner blocks. You are a great friend to make this for them! I know you enjoying making the pattern but it is still a huge undertaking. ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. what a beautiful extension of WIL. Your corners and top side of the borders makes those borders so stunning and beautiful, what a great combination of the log-cabins and the applqiue WOWWWWW!!!!! Can see why your guests fell inlove with it???? Cheers and thanks for such a beauitful visit. Glenda

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